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Posts tagged with ‘soil amendments’

  • Phosphorus—The Stress Reliever for Plants

    Growers are using novel, free-living soil microbes to unlock and solubilize phosphorus for better plant stress mitigation and higher yields

  • Phosphorus-Solubilizing Pantego® Soil Amendments from Locus AG Shortlisted for Best New Biological in Crop Science Awards

    Unique soil probiotic technologies chosen for proven performance in boosting yields and maximizing nutrient-use efficiency for higher ROI

  • Locus Agricultural Solutions’ Organic Soil “Probiotic” Named a Finalist for 2019 Best New Biological Product

    Rhizolizer is a global finalist for Best New Biological Product of the Year, according to Agribusiness Intelligence.

  • Locus Agricultural Solutions Becomes One of the First Ag Input Suppliers Globally To Receive B Corp Certification

    Locus AG announced that it is one of the first ag input suppliers globally to become a Certified B Corporation,…

  • International Citrus and Beverage Conference Highlights Use of Soil “Probiotics” to Combat HLB and Carbon Challenges

    Locus AG's CEO Dr. Paul Zorner is presenting on the use of agricultural "probiotics" to improve crop productivity and soil…

  • Locus Agricultural Solutions CEO to Present Revolutionary  Soil “Probiotics” at the 2019 Ag Innovation Showcase

    At Larta Institute Ag Innovation Showcase 2019, Locus AG will be presenting the company’s industry-first fermentation technology and soil “probiotic” line.

  • New Unmatched Carbon Sequestration Data Highlights Immediate Solution to Climate Change

    Locus AG reports record levels of up to 121% more carbon sequestered in land treated with its breakthrough line of…