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In the Media

In the Media

iGrow News – Locus Agriculture Initiatives Selected For AIM For Climate

Growing Produce – The Best Ways for Fruit Growers To Neutralize Fertilizer Costs

USDA – Report to Congress: A General Assessment of the Role of Agriculture and Forestry in U.S. Carbon Markets

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Where The Food Comes From – US Wheat Growers Seize Profit Opportunity Amid Global Supply Challenges

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Forbes – Four Modes Of Agricultural Value Creation In The Carbon Age

Greenhouse Grower – Best Practices to Follow When Using Biocontrols in the Greenhouse

Brownfield – Illinois Farmer Uses Carbon Market Data To Show Others The Benefits Of Regenerative Practices

No-Till Farmer – Fertilizer & Soil Amendments Product Roundup 2023

Effingham Daily News – Some Illinois farmers looking to carbon offset credits for additional income

Greenhouse Grower – Why Biosolutions Are Gaining Market Share Among Greenhouse Growers

Greenhouse Grower – How Biologicals Supplier Research Is Paving the Way for Grower Success

Growing Produce – Biologicals Not Necessarily a Costly Crop Protection Option for Growers

No-Till Farmer – Locus AG Biologicals – A Vital Input for Your Operation Digital Demonstration

Greenhouse Grower – What’s the Market Outlook for Biosolutions in the Greenhouse Industry?

Strip-Till Farmer – Locus AG’s CarbonNOW® Carbon Farming Program

No-Till Farmer – Is the US Carbon Market System Missing a Long-Term Opportunity?

Growing Produce – More Education Needed for Produce Growers on Biological Solutions

Growing Produce – More Produce Growers Expected To Adopt Use of Biological Products in 2023

VOA News – Amid Rising Costs, Some US Farmers Turn to Environmentally Friendly ‘Carbon Farming’

Growing Produce – Improving Plant Health the Focus of New Digital Report

Progressive Farmer – Growth and Profit Potential in Carbon Sequestration

Growing Produce – The Future Is Now for Biologicals in Vegetable Production

No-Till Farmer – Biologicals: Bugs, Jugs and Waiting for the ‘Arrival Moment’

Citrus Industry – Storm Recovery, Drought & Beyond: 4 Reasons Your Citrus Grove Needs Biologicals

MSN – Carbon Farming Is A New Way For Farmers To Make Extra Money

10 News San Diego – Carbon farming program paying family-owned farms to grow more sustainably

WLDS-WEAI – Chapin Farmer Taking Part In Carbon Farming Market

AgWired – CarbonNOW Program Provides Guaranteed Payments

Citrus Industry – A Shift Toward Soil Microbes in Young Citrus Tree Care

Successful Farming – CarbonNOW program pays $1.2 million to carbon farmers

Ethanol Today – Carbon Column: Soil Biologicals Bring New Carbon Revenue and Stability to Ethanol

CropLife – U.S. Farmers Receive $1.2 Million in Carbon Farming Payments Through CarbonNOW Program

Citrus Industry – Microbiology and Microbes: The Key to Boosting Citrus Productivity

Citrus Industry – Unlock Soil Nutrients to Benefit Your Citrus Grove 

Denver 7 – Farmers using regenerative practices to conserve water and adapt to climate change

Seed World – Farmers Are Finding the Value in Carbon Markets. Are You?

No-Till Farmer – CarbonNOW Program to Expand by an Additional 1 Million Acres

Growing Produce – What’s New for 2022 in Biological Crop Protection Products

Growing Produce – How Some Produce Growers Are Overcoming High Fertilizer Prices

Reuters – Farmers test microbes to nourish crops as climate pressure grows, costs rise

Crain’s Cleveland – Solon company provides financial incentive to climate-conscious growers

Potato Grower – Locus AG Soil Amendments

Future Farming – Locus AG pays farmers upfront for carbon credits

Farm Progress – Carbon Program Accepts No-Tillers

Feedstuffs 365 – Carbon Program Adds Farmer Incentives

Sugar Producer – Locus AG Launches CarbonNOW Program

Potato Grower – Locus AG Launches CarbonNOW Program

Successful Farming – Locus AG’s Carbon Platform Promises $48 Over 4 Years

Business News this Week – Locus AG Launches New CarbonNOW Program with Guaranteed Cash

No-Till Farmer – Locus AG Adds New Farmer Incentives to CarbonNOW Program

Start Us Insights – Discover 5 Top Zero-Emission Farming Solutions

IHS Markit – Excellence on display among winners of Crop Science Awards

Sugar Producer – Phosphorus: Plants’ Stress Reliever

Potato Grower – Phosphorus: Plants’ Stress Reliever

Chemical Week – Crop Science Awards 2021—A curtain raiser

Sugar Producer – New Product: Soil Technology Expansions from Locus AG

Potato Grower – New Product: Soil Technology Expansions from Locus AG

World Agri-Tech – Locus Ag crowned the winner of the Innovation Challenge set by Syngenta at World Agri-Tech 2021

World Agri-Tech – From Microbials to Nanosatellites: 18 Ambitious Start-Ups Driving the Agricultural Revolution at World Agri-Tech

Agriland – From microbials to nanosatellites: Meet the 17 start-ups driving the agri-tech revolution

Crop Life – Locus AG Launches Second Line of Carbon-Accelerating Soil Probiotic Technologies

Sugar Producer – New Product: Locus AG Pantego

Potato Grower – New Product: Locus AG Pantego

Iowa Farmer Today – Iowa Farmer Sees Profit, Yield with Carbon Efforts

AgriTech Tomorrow – Locus AG Launches Second Line of Carbon–Accelerating Soil Probiotic Technologies with Added Phosphorus Benefits

Air Quality Matters – Carbon farming payments possible with soil-building

CEN Digital Magazine – Can soil help solve our climate problem?

No-Till Farmer – Can Long-Time No-Tillers Get in on the Carbon Marketplace? (Podcast)

Crunchbase News – How Tech Helps Farmers To Profit While Going Green

AG News Daily – 30 Under 30: Keith Heidecorn

B the Change – Can Probiotics Save the Earth?

Iowa Public Radio – Addressing Climate Change Through Carbon Sequestration

Young Green Tech – YGT Finalists Recap | 04 Sustainable Agriculture

Cision PR Newswire – The first AI virtual assistant for sustainable farming

Progressive Forage – Cash for carbon credits

Progressive Farmer – Emerging Carbon Markets Get Attention

Successful Farming – Early Signs Of Life And Seed Treatments As Planting Windows Start To Open

Forbes – ClimateTech Updates For March 2021

Fruit Grower News – Carbon farming payments possible with soil-building

Young Green Tech – Passion in Sustainable Agriculture | Alexander Fotsch

Growing Produce – Is Carbon Farming a Viable Fit for Your Operation?

WVIK – Carbon Is A New Cash Crop For Some Farmers

Medium – Microbes for the Backbone of America

E2 – REPORT: Fighting Climate Change Offers Recovery, New Revenues for America’s Farms

The Business of Agriculture – Carbon Farming – Damian Mason, The Business of Agriculture Podcast

Brownfield News – Locus AG, Bluesource form carbon alliance to benefit growers

Agri Investor – Locus Ag partners with Bluesource to market carbon credits

Agri Investor – Quality of carbon credits shows early signs of influence

Carbon Pulse – CP Daily 

No-Till Farmer – New Agricultural Carbon Alliance Brings Opportunities to Growers       Read Now

Strip-Till Farmer – New Agricultural Carbon Alliance Brings Opportunities to Growers

Successful Farming – How do you use biologicals on your farm?

The Big Show – Kelly Garrett on The Big Show

AG News – Sustainable options help Florida growers fight thrips

The Wall Street Journal – Agriculture Industry Bets on Carbon as a New Cash Crop

Potato News Today – Idaho family farming operation invests in soil probiotic technology for organic potato production

Reuters – North American farmers profit as consumers pressure food business to go green

Agri Pulse – Farmers look to innovate their way to a smaller environmental footprint

Morning AG Clips – Selling carbon credits from U.S. farms 

Business News this Week – Locus AG Named a New 50 to Watch by Cleantech Group for Farming Solutions That Combat the Climate Crisis

Farm Progress – Farmers hold potential solution carbon atmosphere

Bloom Berg – Iowa Farmer Finds Fortune in Selling Carbon Credits to Shopify

Potato Growers – Caltec Ag Partners with Locus

AG Funder News – Carbon harvest: Indigo Ag, Nori announce first corporate carbon credit buyers

Successful Farming – Shopify is first high-volume corporate buyer of carbon credits

Civil Eats – Are Carbon Markets for Farmers Worth the Hype?

High Plains Journal – A new kind of carbon farming

Farm Progress – Greenhouse gas: Are carbon credits or offsets an answer?

Jefferson Center – Carbon Markets and Ecosystem Services Workshop

Successful Farming – Farmers have their eye on hurricanes as harvest begins

Farm Progress – Greenhouse gas: Are carbon credits or offsets an answer?

Farm Progress – Companies seek to increase sustainability

YGT – Changing the Game: Welcome YGT Class of 2020

Ag Info – Probiotics in soil

Jefferson Center – Carbon Market & Ecosystem Services with Jefferson Center for Holistic Management

AgriTech Tomorrow – Locus AG Continues Building Executive Bench by Hiring VP of Environmental Platforms

Successful Farming – Locus Ag Donates Climate-Smart Technology to Help Farmers Offset Covid-19 Losses

RFD TV – Earth Day Giveaway Interview with Locus AG CEO Grant Aldridge

Daily American – Sustainable technology, practices available for Somerset County farmers 

Florida AG News – The importance of soil health for HLB

Successful Farming – Looking for Another Crop? Try Carbon

Farm Progress – Locus AG’s new program pays farmers for storing carbon

NREL – News Release: NREL Industry Growth Forum Announces 2020 Presenting Start-Ups

Ohio AG Net Podcast – Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast |Ep. 143 | Commodity Classic and NRCS

Ag Funder News – Carbon marketplace Nori and Locus AG partner to attempt Co2 drawdown on croplands

RFD TV – Monetizing Carbon Farming Interviews on Locus AG and Nori Partnership

Sugar Producer – Partnership Paves Way for Farmers to Sell Carbon Credits

Ag Wired – Locus AG and Nori Announce Partnership

Ag Info – Idaho Ag Today: Probiotics in soil 

Ethanol Today – New Member Spotlight: A Game-Changing Market Opportunity for Ethanol Producers and Corn Growers

Ag Daily – Locus AG vice president honored on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list

Nation Swell – Saving Florida’s Oranges Starts With Soil

Green Biz – Episode 201: Lessons from COP25, listeners share 2019 revelations

Cleveland – Locus Fermentation Solutions working on product to reduce methane gas impact in global warming: Update

Aim2Flourish – A Company for Farmers and the Environment 

The North Platte Telegraph – A collaboration helping to advance ag

Ag Funder News – Why it pays to be a ‘Certified B Corporation’ in the Ag industry

Aim2Flourish – A Company for Farmers and the Environment

Brownfield Ag News – Locus AG Becomes First Ag Input Supplier to Receive B Corp Certification

Ag Grad – 2019 AgGrad 30 Under 30

Vegetable Growers News – Locus Ag Solutions gets B Corp Certification

Cleveland – Replacing Chemistry with Biology: Solon Firm Cultivates Problem-Solving Products with Worldwide Impact 

Forbes – Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb Joins Speaker Lineup at Second-Annual Forbes AgTech Summit in Indianapolis

Successful Farming – If We Want to Sequester More Carbon, AG Can’t be Made the Enemy, Says Start-Up Locus

Ag Funder News – If We Really Want to Sequester More Carbon, Agriculture Can’t be Made the Enemy, Says Microbial Input Startup Locus

Smart Business Dealmakers – How Andrew Lefkowitz Ferments Deals

Alt Energy Stocks – Gevo’s Soil Amendment

Brownfield Ag News – Soil Health Expert Promotes Benefits of Fresh Soil ‘Probiotics’

The Energy Mix – Carbon Farming could Sequester Billions of Tonnes of Co2, With U.S. Pilot Project as One First Step

TPI Natural Grass – Turf News – May/June 2019

Growing Produce – Why are There so Few New Crop Controls?

Crain’s Cleveland – Locus Finds Big Solutions in Microorganisms

Fast Company – “Probiotics” for Plants Help Farms Suck Up Carbon