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Tree Fruit, Nuts & Vines, Orchard

Vineyard & Orchard Biologicals

Vineyard and orchard growers often face complex challenges related to unpredictable weather patterns, nutrient deficiencies, and soil degradation.

It’s time to choose inputs that have a demonstrated record of enhancing crop performance and increasing yields. Locus AG biologicals are Simply Vital. They are proven by third-party trials to amplify vigorous root growth, increase nutrient uptake, and boost crop productivity and yields.

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To Us, Strain Specificity Matters.

A few symbiotic strains will outperform many weak, ineffective, or competing strains. Locus AG selects strains that are scientifically proven to work well together, unlocking benefits to grow and strengthen plant root systems. We keep our formulations simple, yet powerful. There are only 1 to 5 strains in each of our products.

Specialty Crop Data

Randomized and Replicated, Third-Party CRO Trials

It’s not what we say that matters. It’s what the data proves. That’s why we partner with contract research organizations (CROs) around the country to test new and existing products on a variety of crops. These third-party trials provide independent analysis on important data points for farmers such as yield, size, quality, and tissue and soil nutrients.


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A Return on Investment of $2,277 per acre

2023 Specialty Catalog 

Locus AG Specialty Crop Products & Data

Learn about Locus AG’s Simply Vital biologicals for specialty crops, proven by 3rd party trials to boost yields & ROI.

Specialty Crop Team

JOSE MURO Sales Agronomist – Specialty Crops

Jose Muro

Area Sales Manager

Alejandra Barahona

Agronomist, Specialty

CAMERON SMITH Area Sales Manager – Specialty Crops

Cameron Smith

Area Sales Manager – Specialty Crops