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  • biologicals made in the USA

    3 Reasons to Choose Biologicals Made in the USA

    Looking to choose biologicals for your farm? Here are 3 reasons to choose biologicals that are made right here in…

  • No-Till November Locus AG

    No-Till November: Keeping Stubble for Soil Quality

    It's No-Till November, a month in which farmers are encouraged to "keep their stubble" on harvested crop fields.

  • Agricultural Biologicals Orchards

    3 Benefits Agricultural Biologicals Bring to Apple Farmers

    The agronomic benefits that biologicals bring to apple farmers drive higher yields and ROI for apple farmers.

  • Citrus Greening Battle Finds Powerful Ally in Agricultural Biologicals

    Citrus greening, or Huanglongbing (HLB) disease, is a very real problem occurring right now in the Florida citrus industry.

  • ag biologicals future of ag

    5 Signs Biologicals are the Future of Agriculture

    What is the outlook for agricultural biologicals? Here are 5 compelling indicators that biologicals are the future of agriculture.

  • Agricultural Biologicals Unlock Inputs

    Did You Know … Agricultural Biologicals Unlock Key Nutrients In the Soil?

    Fertilizer used on agricultural fields during previous growing seasons can be trapped in the soil. Soil biologicals can help unlock…

  • Visible Signs Your Agricultural Biologicals are Working

    5 Visible Signs Your Agricultural Biologicals Are Working

    What are the key above-ground indicators that let you know that your agricultural biological is working? Find out in this…

  • LocusAG_Reykjavik_protocol_Credit Generation

    Locus Agriculture Joins Reykjavik Protocol to Implement Standardized Structure for Nature-Based Credit Generation

    Locus AG announced its participation among 40 companies in the pioneering Reykjavik Protocol, an international initiative for responsible nature-based environmental…

  • Prevent Nitrogen Loss with Biologicals

    How Biologicals Prevent Nitrogen Loss and Boost Crop Yields

    It is possible for you to protect your investment in nitrogen, your potential yield, and the environment.

  • 2023 Farm Bill Biologicals

    2023 Farm Bill: What Farmers Need to Know

    One focus area of the 2023 Farm Bill is increasing soil carbon capture and storage in agriculture. Biologicals can play…