Locus Agricultural Solutions’ Organic Soil “Probiotic” Named a Finalist for 2019 Best New Biological Product

Locus Agricultural Solutions’ Organic Soil “Probiotic” Named a Finalist for 2019 Best New Biological Product
October 22, 2019

Panel of International Judges for Agribusiness Intelligence ‘Global Crop Science Forum and Awards’ Picks Rhizolizer as a Leading Biostimulant

Locus Agricultural Solutions’ Organic Soil “Probiotic” Named a Finalist for 2019 Best New Biological Product   

SOLON, Ohio (September 24, 2019) Rhizolizer®, an agricultural soil “probiotic” treatment from Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG), is a global finalist for Best New Biological Product of the Year, according to Agribusiness Intelligence, an international industry research firm that hosts the Crop Science Forum and Awards.

Rhizolizer has received global praise for its substantial improvements in crop productivity and soil carbon sequestration without requiring growers to change standard practices. The treatment is a blend of soil-specific, high-density fungal and bacterial microbes produced using a microbrewery-type fermentation process, allowing customization to regional and crop-specific challenges. Delivered fresh using cold-chain delivery, this non-GMO and certified organic “probiotic” solution is up to 100x more potent than anything on the market. Most notably, third-party verified data confirms Rhizolizer increases crop yields up to 43% and soils’ ability to sequester up to 8.6 additional metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents per acre annually.

“Rhizolizer and the unique process by which it is made is a true innovative breakthrough in ag technology. Having it named as one of the best new biological products in the world is an honor,” said Dr. Paul Zorner, Locus AG’s CEO. “This recognition validates the impact of our efforts in developing simple, clean solutions to help solve two of the world’s biggest challenges: reversing climate change and securing our food supply.”

For over a decade, Agribusiness Intelligence has recognized excellence in the crop protection market through its prestigious annual awards that celebrate best-in-class scientific, technological and leadership initiatives throughout the global industry. The company says that “being shortlisted and winning a much-coveted award is a stamp of approval for creativity and innovation” from start-ups to conglomerates.

An international panel of judges chose the Best New Biological Product finalists, which have proven lab and field performance. This category highlights new crop protection or crop enhancement products derived from naturally occurring organisms that successfully forge a niche in a market dominated by synthetic chemicals.

“We believe that Rhizolizer is truly a trendsetting product. It offers growers, for the first time, the ability to simultaneously address productivity and sustainability challenges in a profitable and cost-effective way,” Zorner said. “Since we introduced this easy-to-use, high potency product last year, we have seen extraordinary commercial success treating close to 60,000 acres.”

Commercialized in 2018 to support crop vitality and resilience, particularly in trees affected by Citrus Greening Disease, extensive field trials confirmed that Rhizolizer improved productivity and increased carbon sequestration. Today, 8 of the 10 largest Florida citrus growers and farmers across the country are reaping economic and environmental benefits by using Rhizolizer to treat more than 7 million trees and over a dozen crop types.

The awards will be announced on November 12, 2019 at One Moorgate Place in London. For more information on Rhizolizer and its ongoing results, visit


About Locus Agricultural Solutions

Locus Agricultural Solutions (Locus AG) is a agtech start-up that uses unique, microbrewery-type production technology to develop non-GMO, organic soil “probiotics” that sustainably feed the world, improve plant vitality and minimize environmental impact—starting from the ground up. The treatments are customized to local conditions, soil types and plant types, and are delivered refrigerated for maximum freshness. Ongoing treatments result in improved plant resilience and vigor, higher productivity, more soil carbon deposition and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The cost-effective solutions are easily applied without changing standard practices and specifically address top challenges, including soil health, plant productivity and climate change—while improving user profits. Locus AG leverages its core scientific capabilities from its parent organization, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an Ohio-based green technology company. For more information, visit