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Turf & Ornamentals

Biologicals for Turf & Ornamentals

Turf and Ornamental growers face unique challenges to meet the aesthetic and performance demands of the market.

The right inputs will address and alleviate these challenges by strengthening root systems and enhancing plant resiliency. Locus AG biologicals are Simply Vital. They are proven by third-party trials to increase tensile strength, chlorophyll production, nutrient uptake, root mass, and overall performance

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To Us, Strain Specificity Matters.

A few symbiotic strains will outperform many weak, ineffective, or competing strains. Locus AG selects strains that are scientifically proven to work well together, unlocking benefits to grow and strengthen plant root systems. We keep our formulations simple, yet powerful. There are only 1 to 5 strains in each of our products.

2023 Specialty Catalog 

Locus AG Specialty Crop Products & Data

Learn about Locus AG’s Simply Vital biologicals for specialty crops, proven by 3rd party trials to boost yields & ROI.