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Row crops

Row Crop Biologicals

Row crop growers face major challenges and uncertainties these days.

From global supply shortages to skyrocketing costs, growers simply cannot afford to invest in products that aren’t proven to enhance crop nutrient availability and increase yields. Locus AG biologicals are Simply Vital. They are proven by third-party trials to boost yields and ROI, improve soil quality, enhance nutrient uptake, and strengthen root systems.

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To Us, Strain Specificity Matters.

A few symbiotic strains will outperform many weak, ineffective, or competing strains. Locus AG selects strains that are scientifically proven to work well together, unlocking benefits to grow and strengthen plant root systems. We keep our formulations simple, yet powerful. There are only 1 to 5 strains in each of our products.

Finally, confidence in carbon!

There’s a lot of skepticism and frustration around carbon farming. And for good reason. Many programs require costly practice changes, don’t allow legacy cover croppers or no-tillers, and have lengthy wait times for farmers to get paid. CarbonNOW is different.


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Row Crop Data

Randomized and Replicated, Third-Party CRO Trials

It’s not what we say that matters. It’s what the data proves. That’s why we partner with contract research organizations (CROs) around the country to test new and existing products on a variety of crops. These third-party trials provide independent analysis on important data points for farmers such as yield, size, quality, and tissue and soil nutrients.


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2023 -2024 Product Catalog

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Curious about what makes Locus AG biologicals special? Find out in this collection of CRO data.

Row Crop Team

Jason McGarrh - National Director of Sales

Jason McGarrh

National Sales Manager

Phil Emert - Regional Sales Manager

Phil Emmert

Director of Sales, East

MARK HILL Area Sales Manager – Row Crops

Mark Hill

Director of Sales – Central, South 

DAVID DYSON Lead Agronomist

David Dyson

Lead Agronomist

Jackie Bowden

Jackie Boden

CarbonNOW Program Manager