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Pantego for Row Crops

Pantego® Biologicals Activate Root Growth

Pantego® row crop biological formulations feature the industry’s only free-living yeast soil amendment. This phosphate-solubilizing yeast is Simply Vital. Not only does it increase the availability of phosphorus, it also supports extensive root growth to unlock and transport nutrients to the plant.

Crop-Specific Formulations

Pantego Duo BA

Wheat & Cereals

Pantego Thrive


Pantego BA

Wheat & Cereals

How Pantego Works

Pantego is formulated in a dry, box applied formulation that can be added directly to farmers’ hopper boxes at the time of planting. Because of this, no added equipment is necessary. With product applied directly to the seed at the time of planting, our microbes go to work immediately at germination.


Improves Soil Activity

Microbial strains increase activity in the root zone around the plant.


Solubilizes Phosphate

Improves plant-available phosphorus which increases nutrient use efficiency.


Boosts Yields

More bushels per acre and more revenue generated.

Row Crop Data

Randomized and Replicated, Third-Party CRO Trials

It’s not what we say that matters. It’s what the data proves. That’s why we partner with contract research organizations (CROs) around the country to test new and existing products on a variety of crops. These third-party trials provide independent analysis on important data points for farmers such as yield, size, quality, and tissue and soil nutrients.


Wheat icon

Pantego BA for Wheat & Cereals

Locus AG biologicals have helped us hang on just long enough to get to the next rain and the crop is showing it. Happy soil, happy plant.
We’re really shifting our input dollars, especially for phosphorus, and allocating it to the Locus AG products.

Scott Scheimer
Scheimer Farms, Cheyenne Wells, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to apply Pantego?

Directly to your seed in the hopper box at time of planting and at rates indicated on the product label.

What is the difference between the products in the Pantego line?

Pantego BA contains a single non-endophytic strain. Pantego Duo BA contains the same soil yeast, plus an endophytic fungus. Pantego Thrive BA contains the same soil strain, plus an endophytic bacteria.

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