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Terradigm for Turf & Ornamental

Terradigm® Enhances Turf Quality & Color

Turf treated with Locus AG’s Terradigm product line will experience enhanced quality and color. On golf courses, turf will heal faster from divot and play recovery, verticutting and aerification. Treated sod and ornamentals will mature faster, have better vigor and enhanced root growth.

Crop-Specific Formulations

The Terradigm line of biological products checks all the right boxes for growing high-quality turf and ornamentals.


Terradigm® can be used for initial sod install, seeding on bare soil, sprigging and grow back after cutting.



How Terradigm® Works

Terradigm products work quickly to increase tensile strength, chlorophyll and root mass.


Boost Root Growth & Tensile Strength

Increases plant vigor by elongating roots and increasing their water holding capacity.


Enhances Nutrient Availability & Uptake

Tissue tests prove increased availability of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.


Consistent Clipping Weight

Boosts root mass and overall appearance without requiring increased mowing.

2023 Specialty Catalog 

Locus AG Specialty Crop Products & Data

Learn about Locus AG’s Simply Vital biologicals for specialty crops, proven by 3rd party trials to boost yields & ROI.

“Terradigm XP helped significantly with our ability to harvest early in the year. In fact, our customers have commented that this is the fastest our sod has rooted in.”

Gary Youmans
Green Acres Turf Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Terradigm applied?

Terradigm and Terradigm XP are easy to apply with our low-use-rate liquid formula. Simply add it to an existing irrigation program.

Does Terradigm have to be kept cold?

Yes. Terradigm products must be kept refrigerated at 36-50 degrees F and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Can I use Terradigm on new turf and ornamentals?

Because we carefully select our strains for the best performance possible, we only recommend using Terradigm XP on new turf grass and ornamentals.