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Locus Agricultural Solutions CEO to Present Revolutionary  Soil “Probiotics” at the 2019 Ag Innovation Showcase

Locus Agricultural Solutions CEO to Present Revolutionary  Soil “Probiotics” at the 2019 Ag Innovation Showcase
August 15, 2019

Expert Dr. Paul Zorner chosen to highlight treatment impact on maximizing crop productivity and carbon sequestration

Locus Agricultural Solutions CEO to Present Revolutionary
Soil “Probiotics” at the 2019 Ag Innovation Showcase

SOLON, Ohio (August 15, 2019) At this year’s Larta Institute Ag Innovation Showcase, Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG) will be presenting the company’s industry-first fermentation technology and soil “probiotic” line that is increasing crop yields and reducing greenhouse gas emissions simultaneously in trials across the country.

Dr. Paul Zorner, Locus AG’s CEO and a leading industry expert, will show the immediate and unprecedented benefits of using Rhizolizer®, the company’s line of organic microbial soil treatments or “probiotics”, along with new data verified by independent labs. The unique fermentation platform and fresh soil probiotics enable agricultural microbes to effectively remove atmospheric carbon while improving plant productivity. Per acre, they can sequester up to an additional 8.6 metric tons of CO2 equivalents annually and increase crop productivity up to 43 percent.

“The innovative ag solutions highlighted at the showcase have the potential to compress and remake the value chain of traditional agriculture,” said Rohit Shukla, Larta Institute CEO. “Companies like Locus AG are solving real problems facing this most critical of sectors and have great relevance to buyers, investors and partners.”

Locus AG’s natural, non-GMO soil “probiotics” are produced using disruptive and industry-first fermentation technology. Optimized to address key regional growing challenges, the treatments are delivered in as little as a few weeks via unique cold chain distribution to ensure maximum efficacy.

The solutions have quickly proven to be a successful sustainable management tool for growers by accelerating the soil sequestration of atmospheric carbon while maximizing plant vigor and productivity.

“The agriculture industry is under immense pressure to implement sustainable growing practices. Growers want economically efficient tools that can be utilized quickly without sacrificing crop productivity,” said Paul Zorner, CEO of Locus AG. “The Ag Innovation Showcase is an ideal forum for talking about a solution that solves a number of problems while making an immediate impact on climate change and on-farm grower profits.”

The Ag Innovation Showcase features key sustainable solutions for the challenges facing food and agriculture. Experts and presentations were selected through a rigorous jury process for their potential to transform the future of agtech as part of this year’s theme of The Power of Convergence.

The presentation announcement comes less than a week after the IPCC’s special report on climate change highlighting the importance of agricultural land management, and after new data was released validating the soil carbon benefits of Locus AG’s treatments—which are currently being used on more than 40,000 commercial agriculture acres.

More details will be discussed during the Showcase on September 9 from 3:10 to 3:50 p.m. CST as part of the Plant Nutrition and Soil Health panel. For more information, visit


About Locus Agricultural Solutions®

Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG) uses unique, microbrewery-type production technology to develop non-GMO, organic soil “probiotics” that sustainably feed the world, improve plant vitality and minimize environmental impact—starting from the ground up. The treatments are customized to local conditions, soil types and plant types, and are delivered refrigerated for maximum freshness. Ongoing treatments result in improved plant resilience and vigor, higher productivity, more soil carbon deposition and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The cost-effective solutions are easily applied without changing standard practices and specifically address top challenges, including soil health, plant productivity and climate change—while improving user profits. Locus AG leverages its core scientific capabilities from its parent organization, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an Ohio-based green technology company. For more information, visit

About the Ag Innovation Showcase

Established in 2009, the Ag Innovation Showcase is the world’s premier event focusing on the convergence of agriculture and technology. It brings together those with a significant stake in food and agriculture– innovators, researchers, government agencies, corporations, investors and others – to promote investment in frontier solutions to meet the food needs of a growing planet, plan for “black swan” events, and meet rapidly-shifting consumer demand.