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Rhizolizer for Row Crops

Rhizolizer® Supercharges Nutrient Uptake

Unlocking unused nutrients in the soil is a game changer for farmers. That’s why adding Rhizolizer® is not only a smart choice, it’s Simply Vital for boosting row crop yields.

Formulation options available for select crops: Box Applied, Seed Treatment, and In-Furrow. Ask your Locus AG sales rep for more details.

Crop-Specific Formulations

Rhizolizer Duo





Rhizolizer Organic


Wheat & Cereals

Rhizolizer Prime


Cover Crops

Dry Bean

Peas, Lentils & Chickpeas




How Rhizolizer Works

Rhizolizer is formulated to match farmers’ desired applications, with dry, hopper-box applied, liquid in-furrow, and liquid seed treatment formulations available. With product applied directly to the seed, our microbes go to work immediately at germination. The strains in Rhizolizer are endophytic, meaning they go into and grow with the plant. This allows for long-lasting results.


Improves Soil Activity

Microbial strains increase activity in the root zone around the plant.


Expands Root Growth

Superior strains expand root growth allowing more nutrient uptake and availability.


Enhances Nutrient Uptake

Improves plant-available phosphorus which increases nutrient use efficiency.


Increase Yields

More bushels per acre and more revenue generated.

Row Crop Data

Randomized and Replicated, Third-Party CRO Trials

It’s not what we say that matters. It’s what the data proves. That’s why we partner with contract research organizations (CROs) around the country to test new and existing products on a variety of crops. These third-party trials provide independent analysis on important data points for farmers such as yield, size, quality, and tissue and soil nutrients.


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Cotton Icon


Wheat icon

Irrigated Canola

Irrigated Canola icon

Non-Irrigated Canola

Non-Irrigated Canola icon


Soybeans icon

My corn treated with Locus AG biologicals looks much happier than the untreated corn. Last year, I had corn along a highway and had people coming up to me asking, ‘Why is your corn still green and everyone else’s isn’t?’

Allen Schrag
Silver Creek Farms, Halstead, KS

Grower Resources

Rhizolizer® Duo BA, Rhizolizer® Prime BA, and Rhizolizer® Organic BA are specifically formulated for the following row crops to bring about the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to apply Rhizolizer?

Rhizolizer is best applied directly to your seed in the hopper box at time of planting and at rates indicated on the product label.

Do I have to buy extra equipment to use Rhizolizer?

No. All Rhizolizer products are box-applied, making it easy to implement.

What is the difference between Rhizolizer Duo and Rhizolizer Prime?

Rhizolizer Duo does not include the inoculant Bradyrhizobia.

Are Rhizolizer products interchangeable?

No, the products are optimized to be used for specific crops.

2023 -2024 Product Catalog

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Curious about what makes Locus AG biologicals special? Find out in this collection of CRO data.

Row Crop Team

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SVP, Locus Agriculture

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Jason McGarrh

National Sales Director

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