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  • Double crop late plant soybean inoculant

    It’s Not Too Late to Inoculate: Ensure Double Crop Soybean Success

    Biologicals offer a mix of tangible benefits to both farmers and the environment that bridge the gap between profitability &…

  • Biologicals Sustainability in Agriculture

    3 Ways Biologicals Bridge the Gap Between Profitability & Sustainability in Agriculture

    Biologicals offer a mix of tangible benefits to both farmers and the environment that bridge the gap between profitability &…

  • Addressing Farming Challenges

    How Farmers are Addressing the Top 5 Challenges of 2024

    What if we told you there was something that could help alleviate the five top challenges farmers are facing this…

  • Soybean field

    The Importance of Root Growth in Soybeans

    Strong root systems are essential to generating high quality soybeans, and certain biologicals can aid in root development. Learn more…

  • Cover Cropping Locus AG Biologicals

    The Key to Successful Cover Cropping: Agricultural Biologicals

    How do biologicals team up with cover crops to improve soil structure, fertility, and on-farm carbon sequestration? Find out here.

  • Get your Microbial Inoculant

    Get Your Microbial Inoculants “And Then Some” This Season

    This year, farmers are encouraged to take their microbial use one step further and consider biological products that combine microbial…

  • What is Additionality?

    What is Additionality in Carbon Farming?

    Carbon farming programs pay farmers to adopt new regenerative practices that sequester more soil carbon than would be done otherwise.…

  • No-Till Farming

    3 Ways Biologicals Enhance No-Till Farming

    For farmers choosing to adopt no-till, biologicals can enhance that decision in three meaningful ways. 

  • Biological Seed Treatments - Comprehensive Guide

    Biological Seed Treatments: A Comprehensive Guide for Farmers, Distributors & Retailers

    Biological seed treatments, placed directly on the seed for early impact, harness the power of beneficial microbes to improve various…

  • Young Citrus Trees Benefit from Biologicals

    Young Citrus Trees Benefit from the Use of Biologicals

    Many Florida citrus growers are shifting their focus away from the uphill battle of saving older HLB-infected trees and toward…

  • ag biologicals future of ag

    5 Signs Biologicals are the Future of Agriculture

    What is the outlook for agricultural biologicals? Here are 5 compelling indicators that biologicals are the future of agriculture.

  • Biologicals for Potato Crops

    Top 4 Agronomic Benefits of Biologicals for Potato Crops

    Potatoes are one of the most consumed staple crops. Here are 4 agronomic benefits of biologicals for potato crops.  

  • combining seed lubricants and biologicals

    A Powerful Pair: Combining Seed Lubricants and Biologicals

    In the pursuit of precision farming excellence, combining seed lubricants and biologicals can be seen as a powerful strategy.

  • biologicals made in the USA

    4 Reasons to Choose Biologicals Made in the USA

    Looking to choose biologicals for your farm? Here are four reasons to choose biologicals that are made right here in…

  • Agricultural Biologicals Orchards

    3 Benefits Agricultural Biologicals Bring to Apple Farmers

    The agronomic benefits that biologicals bring to apple farmers drive higher yields and ROI for apple farmers.

  • Citrus Greening Battle Finds Powerful Ally in Agricultural Biologicals

    Citrus greening, or Huanglongbing (HLB) disease, is a very real problem occurring right now in the Florida citrus industry.

  • Agricultural Biologicals Unlock Inputs

    Did You Know … Agricultural Biologicals Unlock Key Nutrients In the Soil?

    Fertilizer used on agricultural fields during previous growing seasons can be trapped in the soil. Soil biologicals can help unlock…

  • Visible Signs Your Agricultural Biologicals are Working

    5 Visible Signs Your Agricultural Biologicals Are Working

    What are the key above-ground indicators that let you know that your agricultural biological is working? Find out in this…

  • Prevent Nitrogen Loss with Biologicals

    How Biologicals Prevent Nitrogen Loss and Boost Crop Yields

    It is possible for you to protect your investment in nitrogen, your potential yield, and the environment.

  • 2023 Farm Bill Biologicals

    2023 Farm Bill: What Farmers Need to Know

    One focus area of the 2023 Farm Bill is increasing soil carbon capture and storage in agriculture. Biologicals can play…

  • regenerative cotton biologicals

    Cotton Farming 2.0: Harnessing New Cotton Biologicals for Higher Yields

    Cotton growers are pressured to produce more while dealing with drought and other challenges. Cotton biologicals help by boosting yields…

  • Global Wheat Supply Challenges

    US Wheat Growers Seize Profit Opportunity Amid Global Supply Challenges

    A big focus of the 2023 Farm Bill is carbon capture and storage. Biologicals can play a major role in…

  • soil sampling carbonnow locus ag

    Soil Sampling: Understanding its Importance & Methods

    To get a complete picture of how an agroecosystem is doing, you have to look at what’s happening in the…

  • [Video Replay] Benefit with Biologicals, with Locus AG and Strip-Till Farmer

    With all the biological products on the market, how can you pick between them? Learn more about selecting a high…

  • Benefits of Biologicals For Strawberries

    Growing Sweet Success: 3 Key Benefits Biologicals Deliver to Strawberry Crops

    The secret to a thriving strawberry harvest might be smaller than you think? Discover the potential of beneficial microbes for…

  • Agricultural Biologicals Q&A Image

    What are Agricultural Biologicals and Why Use Them? 

    Biologicals are a promising solution to some of the biggest problems facing the agriculture industry. Learn all about biologicals and…

  • Nature study finds microbes are vital to soil carbon capture

    Nature Study Indicates Agricultural Biologicals are Vital to Soil Carbon Capture and Storage

    Microbes are the MVP in global efforts to capture and store soil carbon efficiently and effectively, according to a new…

  • biologicals wheat stand locus ag

    “Stand By Your Wheat” – Create the Best Wheat Stand With Soil Biologicals

    With wheat prices on the rise, this presents an opportunity for US wheat farmers. Find out how to make the…

  • [Video Replay] Get Confident in Carbon Webinar with No-Till Farmer

    Sharing details on how carbon farming, through the use of Locus AG biologicals, can benefit your low- or no-till operation…

  • Carbon Farming Payments Locus AG

    3 Questions You Need to Ask About Carbon Farming Payments

    As carbon farming programs expand around the country, so does skepticism on the true financial benefit these programs provide to…

  • tomatos

    How Biologicals Support Transplant Crops

    Transplanting in agriculture is the act of establishing crop seedlings either indoors or outdoors in (a controlled environment), and then…

  • A Tissue for the Issue: Optimizing Corn Growth Stages

    A look into impressive V5 corn tissue samples results using soil probiotics

  • Industry Trend: Box Applied Biologicals

    While it’s natural to be skeptical of new things, the data on box applied biologicals is showing how these products…

  • Row Crop Field

    What Exactly IS Regenerative Agriculture?

    At its core, regenerative agriculture is a way of sustainably farming, ranching, and managing land that regenerates degraded soils. This…

  • Who Regulates Carbon Farming Markets

    Who Regulates Carbon Farming Markets?

    Around the world, organizations and individuals are pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and turning to carbon farming programs…

  • Free Download: 10 Things to Look For in a Carbon Farming Program

  • What are Soil Microbes? And Why Do They Matter in Agriculture?

  • Why is carbon the metric of carbon farming

    Carbon Farming & Your Bottom Line – Why Carbon Matters for Your Agribusiness

  • Unlock Soil Nutrients to Benefit Your Citrus Grove

  • Fertilizer Challenges? Look to the Soil for Answers

    Farmers across the U.S. are increasingly concerned about the impact of skyrocketing fertilizer prices and decreased availability on their overall…

  • Aim Small, Miss Small: Precision Matters when Double Cropping

    Locus AG Agronomist David Dyson Discusses How To Maximize ROI On Double Crops Using Biologicals

  • Phosphorus—The Stress Reliever for Plants

    Growers are using novel, free-living soil microbes to unlock and solubilize phosphorus for better plant stress mitigation and higher yields

  • How We Make Every Day Earth Day

    A look inside the efforts of Locus AG’s employees, customers and partners

  • Florida Growers Found The Secret To Tangerine Tree Vigor

    Get the most out of trees and maximize revenue with Rhizolizer® Duo soil “probiotic” technology

  • Iowa Farmer Finds $341,000 Fortune Hidden in his Soil

    How Kelly Garrett Used Locus AG’s CarbonNOW Program to Create a New Revenue Stream from Sequestered Carbon

  • Hubbard Family Finds “Root” to Potato Success

    Use of Rhizolizer® Duo Soil Probiotic Technology on Organic Potatoes Resulted in Higher Yields and More Uniform Harvest

  • Celebrate National Strawberry Day with Larger Berries

    Larger berries are the key to more profit per acre, and data confirms you can easily increase average diameter by up to…

  • Connecting with Grower’s at Farm Journal’s AgTech Expo

    Locus AG attended the Farm Journal AgTech Expo to connect with growers and educate them on the future of the…

  • COP25 Roundtable

    “We Are Doing This Because We Owe it to the Planet”

  • COP 25: Our Commitment to the Paris Agreement

    Every year since 1977 when the Kyoto Protocol established legally binding obligations for developed countries to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, the UN has convened world leaders to assess progress and take meaningful actions…

  • Natural Based Solutions, the Silver Buckshot Against the Climate Crisis

    Locus AG attended the Climate Underground Meeting to learn more about regenerative agriculture and ways to use natural-based solutions to…

  • Behind the Scenes: Carbon Sequestration Research With Texas A&M AgriLife

    Locus AG started working with Dr. Katie Lewis from Texas A&M AgriLife to better understand Rhizolizer’s ability to reduce GHG…

  • Chairman’s Letter: Locus AG’s Role Helping to Reverse Climate Change

    Climate change is the defining issue of our time and now is the defining moment to do something about it. There…

  • IPCC Land Concerns: What Can Be Done Immediately?

    “By using regenerative agricultural practices, soil can remove 65 to 75 parts per million of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.…

  • A proven, sustainable growing approach that’s supporting against HLB: “Probiotics”

    As California’s citrus industry continues to add to the area under quarantine for HLB and the Florida market works to…