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Unpac®  breaks up soil compaction, naturally.

Compacted soils can be challenging for any grower, leading to poor root growth, decreased nutrient uptake, excessive water runoff, and lower yields. Thankfully, the growing season can run smoother with Unpac®, our industry-changing, naturally derived glycolipids used to treat soil compaction. 

Featured Proprietary Formulation

Our proprietary glycolipids reduce the surface tension of water and naturally break up soil compaction. They are available in an easy-to-use liquid formula that can be applied to existing irrigation systems, which makes it easy to implement and reap the rewards.

Unpac features a naturally derived biosurfactant that does not build up in the soil. Residency time in the soil is about eight weeks. 

How Unpac Works

Your growing season can run smoother with Unpac®, our industry-changing, naturally derived glycolipid used to treat soil compaction. 


Penetrates Compact Soils

Distributes water more freely into soil micropores, helping form a link between the soil particle, water, and any nutrients carried within the water.


Promotes Root Growth

Allow roots to penetrate soil for better growth, which enhances input uptake.


Increases Yields

Less compacted soils and enhanced root growth drives improved crop productivity.

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