Locus AG Biologicals

Simply Vital to every farm operation

Locus AG biologicals aren’t just nice additions to a crop management strategy. They’re Simply Vital to the future success of a farming operation. Our microbes are specifically formulated for targeted, proven outcomes such as increased:

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Yields & ROI

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Nutrient Availability

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Soil Quality

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Root Growth

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To us, strain specificity matters.

A few symbiotic strains will outperform many weak, ineffective, or competing strains. Locus AG selects strains that are scientifically proven to work well together, unlocking benefits to grow and strengthen plant root systems. We keep our formulations simple, yet powerful. There are only 1 to 4 strains in each of our products.

Crop-Specific Biological Products

Locus AG biologicals are specially formulated for a variety of row and specialty crops.

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We’re now seeing improvements on the bulkiness and volume of the crop – it’s like they’re going to the gym and working out.

– Fidel Lopez, Ayala Fresh, Monterey County, CA

Superior Strains

Our proprietary strains include:


Beneficial endophytic fungi

Our specially selected Trichoderma sp. is a beneficial endophytic fungus that resides within the plant. Trichoderma releases metabolites, which increases nutrient uptake and use. The result is vigorous root growth, development, and crop productivity.


Beneficial endophytic bacteria

A specially selected Bacillus sp. that is a beneficial endophytic bacteria and produces metabolites, breaking down and moving nutrients. Improved nutrient use efficiency results in enhanced plant vigor and crop yield.


Crop-specific, nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Specially selected crop-specific species of Rhizobia, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, that form a symbiotic relationship with the plant. Rhizobia enter the roots and form nodules, which aids in nitrogen fixation and helps legume crops maximize their yield potential.


A free-living, soil-dwelling beneficial yeast

A free-living, soil-dwelling beneficial yeast that secretes metabolites, breaking down and converting insoluble phosphates into usable phosphorus. The result is increased nutrient use efficiency and rapid root expansion.

2022 CRO Data

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