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Finally, Confidence in Carbon!

The carbon farming program farmers have been waiting for

There’s a lot of skepticism and frustration around carbon farming.

And for good reason. Many programs require costly practice changes, don’t allow legacy cover croppers or no-tillers, and have lengthy wait times for farmers to get paid.

CarbonNOW is different. We built a carbon farming program from the ground up that’s unlike anything else out there. But more importantly, it puts farmers first.


How Does CarbonNOW Work?

We like to say it’s a Win – Win – Win for farmers.

Farmers have the potential to see $$ in 3 ways through CarbonNOW


Use Locus AG Biologicals that are proven through third-party testing to increase yields & ROI.


Get guaranteed carbon farming payments paid annually.


Plus, get annual performance bonuses based on total carbon sequestered

How Can Farmers Get Started?

To get started, simply fill out this eligibility form. A member of Locus AG’s CarbonNOW team will be in touch within two business days to determine program approval and next steps.

When Do Farmers Get Paid?

With CarbonNOW, growers get paid twice annually. In the first year, we pay 75% of the annual payment after we’ve collected historic data and soil samples from the farm. The remaining 25% gets paid after year-end data collection.

Here’s a quick overview of what enrollment and first-year payments will look like:

Sign Up icon

Sign-up CarbonNOW
  • Answer questions on form
  • Receive welcome call from Sales Rep within 48 hours
  • No-till/Minimum till fields likely qualifies

Identify Fields

Collect Field Enrollment Index (FEI) of Enrolled Fields
  • Field name to match field map
  • Provide control field considerations

Gather Data

Locus AG CarbonNOW Team Helps Gather Data
  • 5 years of data required (one full crop rotation)
  • Can accept digital or handwritten data
  • Locus-led

Qualifying Fields Selected

Anew Approves Fields
  • Qualification is determined by Anew
  • Locus AG products qualify as practice change
  • Fields are soil sampled
Payment Secured icon

Payment Secured

Annual Payments Guaranteed
  • Paid annually
  • 75% paid after soil sampling and 25% at year-end after data collection
  • Performance bonuses paid after validation

Reduce Scope 3 Emissions with Locus AG Biologicals

Companies can influence their value chain partners to reduce Scope 3 emission sources by:


Identifying farmers at the beginning of the value chain that grow agricultural products used by a company


Paying those farmers to use carbon-sequestering agricultural biologicals on their crops to minimize GHG emissions


Sending the lower-emission crops to ingredient suppliers, processing plants or directly to CPG companies, where they can be sold as premium, clean ingredients with impact traceability


Companies can promote products to end-users as zero- or low-carbon, with additional ESG claims, and also purchase carbon credits directly from farmers in their food chain

By focusing on the beginning of the agricultural value chain, companies have the opportunity to target indirect emission sources that can significantly lower their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

What do you have to lose? There are a lot of biologicals out there and they have various ranges of success, but with CarbonNOW you’re going to get more carbon payment than the investment in the biological. So why not? It’s that simple.

Allen Schrag
Silver Creek Farms, Halstead, KS

Frequently Asked Questions

CarbonNOW Grower Contact Form

To give you the most complete premium carbon credit generation and payment process, Locus AG has partnered with two of the best in the industry. All carbon credits are sold through an exclusive agreement with Anew™ Climate – one of the largest carbon project developers in the world, and payments are financed upfront by Green Star Royalties, Ltd. All CarbonNOW farmers have to do is generate premium carbon credits, then Locus AG, Anew and Green Star Royalties take care of the rest!

Locus Agriculture
Green Star Royalties

How much do farmers have to pay to participate in CarbonNOW?

With CarbonNOW, there are no sign-up or program fees. The only expense you will have is the purchase cost of our biological products. But when you consider that participation in our program includes free annual soil sampling and complimentary data collection services, plus higher yields and increased ROI thanks to our biologicals, you’ll find the benefits far exceed the initial product cost.

Who is eligible for CarbonNOW?

CarbonNOW has a very high eligibility rate because our biological products are approved as an additionality. This means that even if you have not historically been eligible for other programs (as a long time cover cropper, practicing reduced tillage, etc.), you may be eligible for our program.

We welcome farmers who have already participated in CSP, Equip, or other Conservation programs​, large landowners or land management companies​, and growers/operators in transition of practice change implementation​.

Our current program is designed for row crop farmers – corn, wheat/cereals, soybean, cover crops, cotton, etc. We also require farms to have 500 acres or more to participate.

When can farmers enroll?

CarbonNOW welcomes enrollments through February 15. By this date, growers who hope to participate in the program must provide completed enrollment and a fully executed contract. Data collection and soil sampling must both be done before you receive payment.

What data will farmers be required to provide?

CarbonNOW requires 5 years of historical data. This can be provided digitally or with hard copies. Locus AG’s team members are trained to assist the farmer in data collection, allowing you to focus more on your operation.

How is carbon measured in CarbonNOW?

Soil organic carbon (SOC) and Bulk Density (BD) tests are taken every year, along with carbon modeling to get the full scope of data available. All of this is performed at no expense to you! Samples are taken at a 12-inch depth annually to provide a highly accurate carbon reading.

Performance bonuses are offered based on carbon sequestration data retrieved from the annual soil testing. Locus AG biologicals are shown to increase SOC, which also increases the likelihood and amount of performance bonuses farmers receive.

What should farmers know about Locus AG biologicals/products?

As a member of CarbonNOW, you’ll purchase and use Locus AG biologicals throughout the length of the program.

Locus AG biologicals drive higher yields by introducing vital, beneficial microbes directly onto the seed at the time of planting. Our products are mixed with talc and graphite and can be placed directly into your hopper box. Because they are applied at planting, the microbes become active at germination, and you’ll begin to reap the benefits at Time Zero.

All of this leads to quicker time to harvest, increased yields, and increased ROI.

Current CarbonNOW Grower with Questions?

Contact your Locus AG rep, call our helpline or fill out the form below and a CarbonNOW team member will get back to you.

For more information on the CarbonNOW grievance process, click here.

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