Rhizolizer for Specialty Crops

Rhizolizer® biologicals supercharge nutrient uptake

The superior strains found in our Rhizolizer product line are Simply Vital. They boost specialty crop yields by creating a strong root system, boosting nutrient uptake, and enhancing plant vigor. Because the strains are endophytic, they create a symbiotic relationship with the plant for long-lasting benefits.

Crop-Specific Formulations

Rhizolizer Duo for Fruit & Vegetables WP

Rhizolizer Duo for Berries & Melons WP

Rhizolizer Duo for Vineyards & Orchards WP

Rhizolizer Duo LQ for Specialty

How Rhizolizer Works

Rhizolizer specialty biologicals are formulated in wettable powders (WP) and liquid formulations that can be easily integrated into irrigation systems. Our products go to work immediately at application for quick and long-lasting results.


Expands Root Growth

Increased root mass allows for deeper penetration and increased access to nutrients locked in the soil.


Enhances Nutrient Uptake

Enhances nutrient solubilization, and unlocks unused inputs and other soil nutrients.


Increases Yield

Increases yield per acre, which leads to more revenue generated.

Specialty Crop Formulations

Rhizolizer® Duo or Rhizolizer® Duo Organic are formulated for a variety of specialty crops, including:

Berries & Melons

Fruits & Vegetables

Vineyards & Orchards

2023 Specialty Catalog 

Locus AG Specialty Crop Products & Data

Learn about Locus AG’s Simply Vital biologicals for specialty crops, proven by 3rd party trials to boost yields & ROI.

Specialty Crop Data

Randomized and Replicated, Third-Party CRO Trials

It’s not what we say that matters. It’s what the data proves. That’s why we partner with contract research organizations (CROs) around the country to test new and existing products on a variety of crops. These third-party trials provide independent analysis on important data points for farmers such as yield, size, quality, and tissue and soil nutrients.



Rhizolizer Duo & Pantego Liquid



Rhizolizer Duo & Pantego Liquid



Rhizolizer Duo & Pantego Liquid



Rhizolizer Duo & Pantego Liquid

“I use Rhizolizer four times a year and have increased my fold by a good 20-30%. I hardly see any greening in the fruit anymore.” (Citrus)

Chris Troesch
Simpson Fruit Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to apply Rhizolizer?

Rhizolizer goes directly into the tank to be applied via irrigation.

Are Rhizolizer products interchangeable?

No, the products are optimized to be used for specific crops.