Our disruptive technology

and strategic tools address key challenges

from the ground up

Soil Health Crop Productivity Efficient Use of Resources Carbon Footprint Environmental Stress

It’s All About the Roots…

Improved crop vitality starts with improved root vigor, which is why our initial focus is on developing solutions to enhance soil health.

That’s Why We Start With High-Potency “Probiotics” That Restore Soil Health.

We’re driving the next agricultural revolution—probioticsby using innovative fermentation to deliver fresh, customized and high-potency microbial cocktails for effective crop and plant management. 

Unique Production

Our unique fermentation method is similar to a microbrewery, and allows us to develop high-density products, tailored to fit your needs, with proven efficacy. 

Delivered Fresh

Our solutions are made in small batches with low use rates, allowing them to be shipped via cold-chain delivery to ensure maximum freshness.

Sustainable Option

Our cost-effective products are safe alternatives to chemicals, require no big changes to growing practices and maximize sustainability by lowering carbon footprints. 

Plus, maximizes carbon sequestration and reduces greenhouse gases

No other technology can quickly reduce carbon footprints while simultaneously increasing yields and profits using any grower practice, TODAY.

We’re Producing Results That No One Has Ever Seen Before

Our fermentation technology and unique, fresh supply chain enables consistent product performance that goes well beyond what chemicals, and other microbial companies can accomplish.

  • Bank the Difference

    Yields are up. Crop quality has improved. Time to harvest is down. Growers are profiting from more vigorous crops. 

  • Make An Impact

    Minimize your carbon footprint by reducing chemical reliance, increasing soil carbon, and offsetting GHG emissions.

Improved Soil Microbiome

Increased Root Growth

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

Supercharged Carbon Sequestration

Higher Yields and Productivity

Maximized Vitality and Resilience

We’re Not Like Any Other Microbial Company You’ve Heard Of

We have a process, team and partnerships that are unmatched in the industry.

At Locus AG We Offer…

Customized Blends