Superior Strains Lead to Superior Results

Locus AG leads farmers to greater ROI through vital, beneficial biologicals that are proven by third-party trials to increase yields.

Our specially formulated biologicals with superior strains aren’t just nice additions to a crop management plan. They’re Simply Vital to helping farmers grow more productive, sustainable crops. In addition to boosted yields & ROI, Locus AG biologicals help farmers get more out of their fertilizer, improve soil quality, enhance nutrient uptake and increase plant vigor.

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Locus AG biologicals have helped us hang on just long enough to get to the next rain and the crop is showing it. Happy soil, happy plant.
We’re really shifting our input dollars, especially for phosphorus, and allocating it to the Locus AG products.

Scott Scheimer
Scheimer Farms, Cheyenne Wells, CO

Finally, confidence in carbon!

There’s a lot of skepticism and frustration around carbon farming. And for good reason. Many programs require costly practice changes, don’t allow legacy cover croppers or no-tillers, and have lengthy wait times for farmers to get paid. CarbonNOW is different.


Todd Olander

Data Matters