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3 Ways Biologicals Bridge the Gap Between Profitability & Sustainability in Agriculture

3 Ways Biologicals Bridge the Gap Between Profitability & Sustainability in Agriculture
April 29, 2024 Michella Dilworth
Biologicals Sustainability in Agriculture

3 Ways Biologicals Bridge the Gap Between Profitability & Sustainability in Agriculture 

Why Agricultural Biologicals Are Simply Vital for Both Farmers and the Environment

As we celebrate Earth Month, it’s a great time to pause and recognize the intersection between agriculture and environmental stewardship. 

Farmers are oftentimes misunderstood as it relates to the impact that large-scale commercial farming can have on the environment. What many outside the industry fail to understand is that farmers were and remain true stewards of their land. 

As farmers face a myriad of challenges, from soaring input costs to unpredictable weather patterns and soil degradation, most are making decisions daily that they believe are best for their land and crops. Decisions that will allow them to feed their families and sustain the legacy of their farm, that oftentimes has been in their family for generations. 

Farming is a challenging and, unfortunately, often thankless profession. And many of the environmentally beneficial practices come at a detriment to a farmer’s profitability, making it hard for many to adopt new practices. 

So, what can be done to bridge this gap of profitability and sustainability in agriculture? 

We, at Locus AG, believe that agricultural biologicals offer a mix of tangible benefits to both farmers and the environment that bridge the gap between sustainability and profitability.

So much so that we no longer believe that biologicals are simply “nice-to-haves” for farmers. Instead, we see biologicals as Simply Vital to maintaining the delicate balance of sustainability and profitability in agriculture.

3 Ways Biologicals Bridge the Gap Between Profitability & Sustainability in Agriculture

1. Biologicals Improve Soil Quality on Farms

Soil on a farm is much more than just “dirt.” The quality of the soil on a farm is the foundation upon which an entire farming operation lies. In the soil is a robust community of billions of beneficial microorganisms that, due to many factors, can get out of balance and impact farming.

Conventional farming practices can cause erosion and compaction. Use of fertilizers and pesticides can disrupt the soil’s natural balance. And weather patterns can further exacerbate soil degradation. The combination of these factors reduces soil fertility and water-holding capacity.

Just like taking a probiotic can help a human digestive tract, or microbiome, remain balanced and help people be more resilient to stressors, agricultural biologicals use a mix of beneficial microbes to restore the microbial community required to have fertile soil and a strong plant microbiome. Certain biologicals can even reduce soil compaction, which in turn improves water movement and leads to enhanced root growth and nutrient uptake.


2. Biologicals Enhance Root Growth and Nutrient Uptake

While in the soil, biologicals also impact and promote root growth and nutrient uptake. How? Less compaction, improved soil structure and a strong population of beneficial microbes helps improve root growth and unlock nutrients in the soil. These expanded root systems then improve the plant’s ability to take up nutrients.

This creates profitability and environmental bonuses. Better nutrient use efficiency, or more nutrients going up into the plant, means higher ROI on inputs and less left in the soil to run off into waterways. Enhanced nutrient uptake also leads to a larger plant, which increases photosynthetic activity and nutrient cycling.

Crops naturally pull CO2 out of the atmosphere through nutrient cycling, which drives photosynthesis. Biologicals also enhance this process. 

When more organic carbon is stored in the soil, less carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas) is released into the atmosphere.

3. Biologicals Increase Crop Resilience and Yield

Today’s crops face real challenges, like erratic weather patterns, declining soil quality and erosion. To combat these factors, farmers need more resilient and productive crops. By contributing to expanded root growth and better nutrient uptake, biologicals help improve overall plant vigor. 

Some biologicals even take it a step further. Certain microbial strains are considered endophytic; meaning they are taken up through the roots and live within the plant. These endophytic biologicals create a symbiotic relationship with the crop and help move water and nutrients. 

The result of all of this leads to two particularly important profitability and sustainability benefits: 

  • Increased yield and productivity 
  • More carbon sequestered and soil organic carbon deposited in the soil

Both lead to additional profits through more sellable crops and additional revenue from selling carbon credits.

Biologicals Support Farmer & Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability can have many different meanings. While many think of sustainability in terms of environmental benefits, a farmer may have a different definition. Farmers are fighting to SUSTAIN their farms, remain profitable and keep them in their families as many have been for generations. 

To help farmers adopt environmentally sustainable practices, we must find a way to provide earth-friendly solutions that help farmers increase their profitability. Biologicals make this happen.

Biologicals are derived from natural resources. They’re proven to increase crop yields and provide meaningful agronomic benefits to the soil and crops, while also being environmentally friendly. 

Biologicals Sustainability in Agriculture

Locus AG Biologicals: Simply Vital to Farmers 

agricultural biologicals Locus AG While the promise of agricultural biologicals is clear, not all products are created equal.

Locus AG offers superior, crop-specific biologicals backed by third-party, randomized and replicated trials. Our products are formulated by agronomists and microbiologists in a state-of-the-art production facility, ensuring optimal efficacy and ease of use for farmers. Locus AG biologicals are produced in the USA, available for immediate shipment, and are supplied through many major agricultural distributors and retailers.


Locus AG biologicals aren’t just nice-to-haves; they are Simply Vital to farming success this season.

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