Locus AG Biologicals: A Vital Input for Your Operation

Locus AG Biologicals: A Vital Input for Your Operation

Product Line

Locus AG biologicals aren’t just a “nice to have”, they’re a VITAL input for your operation.

Locus AG leads farmers to greater ROI by introducing vital, beneficial biologicals that drive higher yields for a variety of cropping systems.

Our microorganisms are specifically formulated for targeted, proven outcomes such as increased:

  • Yields & ROI
  • Nutrient availability
  • Root growth
  • Soil quality

To us, strain specificity matters. A few symbiotic strains will outperform many weak, ineffective, or competing strains. Locus AG selects strains that are scientifically proven to work well together, unlocking benefits to grow and strengthen plant root systems. There are only 1-4 organisms in each of our products.

Our proprietary strains include:

  • Trichoderma: A beneficial endophytic fungus that resides within the plant. They release metabolites, which increases nutrient uptake and use. The result is vigorous root growth, development, and crop productivity.
  • Bacillus: A beneficial endophytic bacteria that produces metabolites, breaking down and moving nutrients. Improved nutrient use efficiency results in enhanced plant vigor and crop yield.
  • Rhizobia: Crop specific nitrogen-fixing bacteria that form a symbiotic relationship with the plant. They enter the roots and form nodules. The plant provides them a safe environment with nutrients, while the bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia, which can then be used by the plant. Nitrogen fixation helps legume crops maximize their yield potential.
  • Wickerhamomyces: A free-living, soil-dwelling beneficial yeast that secretes metabolites, breaking down and converting insoluble phosphates into usable phosphorus. The result is increased nutrient use efficiency and rapid root expansion.

Our products are easy to use and have a high concentration/low use rate, so you’re reducing waste. They have consistent results in different soil types and multiple modes of action. Our commitment to third-party trialing highlights our commitment to providing you with a reliable input for your toolbelt.

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Locus AG Product Families

Locus AG row crop products are currently sold in two product families. Customers often use a combination of products to achieve specific goals on their farm. Products are available in both dry hopper box and liquid formulations. We partner with a variety of distributors and partner networks around the country to help farmers achieve agronomic success.

Rhizolizer Bottles

Rhizolizer® is a line of crop-specific products that contain endophytic microbial strains that are superior to others on the market. These strains boost yields by creating a strong root system, and increasing plant vigor and nutrient uptake in the plant.


Pantego® showcases the industry’s only free-living yeast soil amendment. This phosphate solubilizing yeast not only increases the availability of phosphate, but also supports extensive root growth to unlock and transport nutrients and water to the plant tissue.