At Locus AG, We Create…

High-Density Microbial Products 

At up to 1,000x the Potency of Other Offerings

Customized to Your Crop and Region

Delivered Fresh to Your Door

Resulting in Unmatched Benefits

Soil Health » Root Vigor » Crop Vitality

“A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Put Roots Down…

Improved Soil Microbiome

Up To 80% Increases in Root Mass

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

…And Grow With Us


Reduced Time to Harvest

Higher Yields and Increased Productivity

Improved Overall Vitality

Currently serving

more than 27,000 commercial agriculture acres

across 17 states.


Unique “Probiotic” for Crops Receives Expanded Regulatory Approvals

August 9th, 2018|

SOLON, Ohio (August 9, 2018) Locus Agricultural Solutions, LLC (Locus AG) is the driving force behind impressive increases in crop productivity resulting from using fresh, customized “probiotics” to improve crop vitality from the roots—leading to expanded regulatory approvals nationwide into more than 17 key agriculture states, including CaliforniaMore>>

Locus Agricultural Solutions™ Celebrates Full Year in Florida Ag, Confirms Fresh Fermentation is Key to Microbial Efficacy

June 6th, 2018|

SOLON, Ohio (June 7, 2018) Locus Agricultural Solutions™ (Locus AG) is celebrating its one-year anniversary since initiating microbial-based soil amendment treatments focused on Florida’s struggling citrus groves. Using a unique cold chain delivery system, results confirm that the company has found an answer to microbial inconsistency…More>>

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