At Locus AG, We Create…

High-Potency “Probiotic” Microbials

At Up to 1,000x the Density of Other Offerings

Customized to Your Crop and Region

Delivered Fresh to Your Door

Resulting in Unmatched Benefits

Soil Health » Root Vigor » Crop Vitality

We are at the forefront of  simple,

clean solutions to the world’s largest challenges

“A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Put Roots Down…

Improved Soil Microbiome

+100% Increases in Root Mass

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

…And Grow With Us


Reduced Time to Harvest

Higher Yields and Increased Productivity

Maximized Vitality and Resilience

Currently serving

more than 42,000 commercial agriculture acres

across 38 states and growing.


Carbon Farming Could Sequester Billions Of Tonnes Of Co2, With U.S. Pilot Project As One First Step (The Energy Mix)

July 21st, 2019|

Paul Zorner, CEO of Solon, Ohio-based Locus Agricultural Solutions, spoke about the science behind carbon farming, noting that global soil contains three times more exchangeable carbon than the atmosphere. “Soil is a natural and massive carbon sink,” and “all that carbon adds to the productivity of the soil,” he said.

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