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3 Benefits Agricultural Biologicals Bring to Apple Farmers

3 Benefits Agricultural Biologicals Bring to Apple Farmers
November 16, 2023
Agricultural Biologicals Orchards

3 Benefits Agricultural Biologicals Bring to Apple Farmers

How Biologicals Boost Productivity & Profitability for Apple Farmers

Like all farmers, apple farmers aim to maximize yields and profits through innovative solutions. Agricultural biologicals provide a natural way to improve overall profitability through boosting plant productivity.

This blog explores 3 key agronomic advantages that agricultural biological offer apple growers, including:

  • #1: Improved nutrient uptake and availability
  • #2: Expanded root systems and plant growth
  • #3: Increased marketable yield
  • BONUS: How Locus AG biologicals stack up

Key Benefit #1: Improved Nutrient Uptake and Availability

Biologicals contain beneficial microbes like bacteria and fungi. These microbes form symbiotic relationships with apple trees to enhance nutrient absorption from the soil. Specific microbial strains make key nutrients more bioavailable to the roots. Better nutrient uptake leads to more vigorous growth and fruit production.

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Key Benefit #2: Expanded Root Systems and Plant Growth

The microbes in biologicals colonize plant roots and produce compounds that stimulate root growth. The increased root mass allows apple trees to explore a larger volume of soil and absorb more soil moisture and nutrients.

Key Benefit #3: Increased Marketable Yield

All of the agronomic benefits that biologicals bring to apple farmers drive higher yields and ROI for apple farmers.

Recent trials by an independent CRO in Ephrata, WA showed Locus AG biologicals improved apple yields by 2,900 lbs/acre over the grower’s standard program! For an average size orchard, that can mean thousands of dollars in extra revenue from each acre.

When yield benefits like this are shown, biologicals often have the ability to pay for themselves in yield increases.

apple orchard biologicals performance

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Locus AG Biological Solutions for Apple Farmers

Rhizolizer Duo for Vineyards & Orchards

Locus AG offers cutting-edge biological products to boost yields & ROI in apple orchards. Our product, Rhizolizer Duo for Vineyards & Orchards, contains a proprietary blend of Trichoderma and Bacillus strains proven to expand roots, enhance plant vigor, improve nutrient uptake and efficiency, and increase yields.

Our biologicals are produced in the US and available for immediate shipment, and are available through many major agricultural distributors and retailers. Contact us today to connect with a sales rep in your region.

Invest in your apple orchards and your bottom line with Locus AG’s Simply Vital biological solutions.

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