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[Video Replay] Benefit with Biologicals, with Locus AG and Strip-Till Farmer

[Video Replay] Benefit with Biologicals, with Locus AG and Strip-Till Farmer
August 24, 2023

[Video Replay] Benefit with Biologicals, with Locus AG and StripTill Farmer

Hosted by Strip-Till Farmer Webinar Series

Agricultural biologicals are growing in adoption as a vital solution to some of the biggest challenges today’s farmers face. But, there are a lot of options on the market. So, what should farmers look for in a quality agricultural biological?

Members of Locus AG recently presented a webinar with Strip-Till Farmer, “Benefit with Biologicals,” sharing helpful guidance for row crop farmers who are considering the use of biologicals on their farm. The webinar follows a helpful Q&A format that educates farmers on what makes a high-quality biological, looking at things such as:

  • Strain selection
  • Product formulation and production
  • Application rates and methods
  • Agronomy processes and results
  • Carbon farming qualification
  • And more

Watch the Webinar Video

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Locus AG offers a suite of agricultural biological products that contain superior microbial strains targeted to provide far-reaching benefits to both crop productivity and grower profitability.

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