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Posts tagged with ‘soil probiotics’

  • Locus AG Launches New CarbonNOW Program with Guaranteed Cash Payments

    Recognizing that less than 5% of U.S. farmers participate in carbon farming programs, Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG) addresses growers’…

  • Phosphorus—The Stress Reliever for Plants

    Growers are using novel, free-living soil microbes to unlock and solubilize phosphorus for better plant stress mitigation and higher yields

  • Phosphorus-Solubilizing Pantego® Soil Amendments from Locus AG Shortlisted for Best New Biological in Crop Science Awards

    Unique soil probiotic technologies chosen for proven performance in boosting yields and maximizing nutrient-use efficiency for higher ROI

  • New Tools Help Growers Navigate Rising NPK Input Prices: Soil Technology Expansions and Customized Treatments from Locus AG

    Locus AG expands Rhizolizer and Pantego soil technologies with new customized treatments to help growers navigate rising NPK input prices.

  • Leading Agricultural Research Universities Show Substantial Reductions in Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Rhizolizer® Duo Soil Probiotic Technology

    Locus AG releases results showing N2O emission reductions in multiple greenhouse and field studies conducted by South Dakota State and…

  • Locus AG Launches Second Line of Carbon-Accelerating Soil Probiotic Technologies with Added Phosphorus Benefits

    New Pantego™ soil technology with added phosphorous benefits gives farmers the upper hand in crop performance and environmental impact across…

  • How We Make Every Day Earth Day

    A look inside the efforts of Locus AG’s employees, customers and partners

  • Technology Advancements Drive Top Agriculture Executives to Take New Leadership Positions at Locus AG

    Agtech startup’s successful soil probiotic technologies and carbon platform are attracting key industry talent

  • New Agricultural Carbon Alliance Brings Immediate Revenue-Accelerating Opportunities to Growers

    Bluesource joins Locus Agricultural Solutions’ next-generation carbon program offering high-quality credits, acceleration technology and access to new markets

  • Hubbard Family Finds “Root” to Potato Success

    Use of Rhizolizer® Duo Soil Probiotic Technology on Organic Potatoes Resulted in Higher Yields and More Uniform Harvest