Rhizolizer® Duo is a naturally occurring microbial soil amendment “probiotic” comprised of two living microorganisms. It is an easy-to-apply liquid product that colonizes crop roots and promotes early root development. Treatments have optimal results when applied with Rhizolizer Duo MFS (Microbial Food Source).



More bushels per acre and more revenue generated

Supercharges Carbon


Maximizes soil carbon deposition and enhances soil health

Maximizes Root


Enables crop to better support itself against abiotic and biotic stressors

Accelerates Nutrient


Improves nutrient uptake and reduces runoff

Crop Advantages

Up to:

1176 flats/acre yield increase (strawberries)

20% increases in root mass

Up to:

+153% increases in root mass

Up to:

8-10 bu/acre yield increase 

24% increases in root weight

Up to:

121-262 lbs/acre yield increase

Up to:

28% increases in average root mass

Up to:

80-130 lbs/acre yield increase (almonds)

Up to:

22-66 cwt/acre yeild increase

Up to:

3-4  bu/ac yield increase

Up to:

0.5-0.8 tons/acre yield increase

Up to:

4-5  mT/ac yield increase

50% increases in root mass

Up to:

7 bu/ac yield increase

Additional trials are being conducted in more than two dozen crops nationwide.

All comparisons against grower standard practice

Soil Regeneration.

Rhizolizer Duo is a conservation practice that regenerates soil and increases soil carbon sequestration.

Earth worms are an indication of healthy soils 

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our CarbonNOW program

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See For Yourself.

Growers can visually see the results first-hand when walking their fields.