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Newly Released Data Confirms Substantial Yield Increases with Biologicals

Newly Released Data Confirms Substantial Yield Increases with Biologicals
March 7, 2024
Ag Crop Yield Increases from Biologicals PR image

Newly Released Data Confirms Substantial Yield Increases with Biologicals 

CRO and university trials show up to 37% yield boost across 23 US crops using Locus Agriculture biologicals

SOLON, Ohio (March 7, 2024) – Newly released third-party data from the 2023 growing season is showcasing unprecedented yield increases in row and specialty crops across the United States. The extensive dataset confirms that farmers who used novel biologicals, developed by Locus Agriculture (Locus AG), saw significant boosts in profitability and crop productivity. Outcomes were consistent across diverse agricultural conditions, regardless of region, climate, or soil type. The results have spurred increased adoption and integration of the biologicals in seed treatment processes, retail offerings and direct on-farm applications. 

Biologicals Increased Crop Yields in Diverse US Agricultural Settings 

The performance of Locus AG’s biologicals was analyzed by contract research organizations (CRO) and universities across 11 specialty crops and 12 row crops, including three “crossover” crops—one of the most extensive data sets in the industry. The products delivered significant yield increases of 4.2-26% in specialty and 5.2-37% in row crops, across various agricultural settings. Eight crop categories had statistically significant data, with a 95% or higher confidence rate in the reliability of the results. The crops were alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, potato, rice, soybean and wheat.

Farmers leveraging Locus AG’s biologicals experienced significant returns on investment (ROI) regardless of crop and location, from Westcoast almonds to Midwest wheat and Southeast watermelon. It validates the biological’s adaptability and crucial role in enhancing crop productivity and profitability across the United States. 

“In a time when the agricultural sector is navigating challenges such as climate variability, rising input prices and the need for sustainable practices, Locus AG’s USAmade biological solutions are more vital than ever,” said Kade Haas, SVP of Locus AG. Farmers can’t leave anything to chance. This data confirms that no matter what crop they grow or where they grow it, these premium biologicals are going to take their farming to the next level and ensure they have a successful growing season.”  

Yield Increases Come From Novel Endophytic Microbial Strains 

The success of Locus AG’s biologicals is attributed to the superior microbial strains used in the formulations. While many similar strains exist on the market, Locus AG’s experts identified premium microbes that are endophytic and combined them to achieve consistent and unprecedented results.  

“Biologicals aren’t created equal, and strain specificity matters. It’s because of our vital endophytic strains—which enter and grow with the plant—that we’re seeing tremendous results,” said Dave Dyson, lead agronomist for Locus AG. “These strains are exclusive to Locus AG products and emphasize the critical importance of selecting the right high-quality biological for maximum productivity.” 

Results are Driving Increased Demand for Agricultural Biologicals 

There is a growing interest in using biologicals in US agriculture. Farmers see domestic biologicals as a solution to help combat rising input prices, which 80% of them ranked as their #1 risk to profitability. However, experts note that the industry must be highly selective, focusing on products that offer consistent performance and quality strains backed by data.   

Locus AG’s data, combined with recent new product launches and expanded U.S. distribution, reaffirms the company’s leadership in the biological sector – providing dependable, scientifically backed solutions for optimized agricultural productivity. The products are made in the USA and available immediately for seed treatment companies, distributors, ag retailers and farmers. For more details on the biologicals, availability and details of the 2023 field data, visit  


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