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  • Locus AG Additionality No Till Field

    What is Additionality?

    Carbon farming programs pay farmers to adopt new regenerative practices that sequester more soil carbon than would be done otherwise.…

  • 2023 Farm Bill Biologicals

    2023 Farm Bill: What Farmers Need to Know

    One focus area of the 2023 Farm Bill is increasing soil carbon capture and storage in agriculture. Biologicals can play…

  • soil sampling carbonnow locus ag

    Soil Sampling: Understanding its Importance & Methods

    To get a complete picture of how an agroecosystem is doing, you have to look at what’s happening in the…

  • Agricultural Biologicals Q&A Image

    What are Agricultural Biologicals and Why Use Them? 

    Biologicals are a promising solution to some of the biggest problems facing the agriculture industry. Learn all about biologicals and…

  • Nature study finds microbes are vital to soil carbon capture

    Nature Study Indicates Agricultural Biologicals are Vital to Soil Carbon Capture and Storage

    Microbes are the MVP in global efforts to capture and store soil carbon efficiently and effectively, according to a new…

  • [Video Replay] Get Confident in Carbon Webinar with No-Till Farmer

    Sharing details on how carbon farming, through the use of Locus AG biologicals, can benefit your low- or no-till operation…

  • Carbon Farming Payments Locus AG

    3 Questions You Need to Ask About Carbon Farming Payments

    As carbon farming programs expand around the country, so does skepticism on the true financial benefit these programs provide to…

  • Row Crop Field

    What Exactly IS Regenerative Agriculture?

    At its core, regenerative agriculture is a way of sustainably farming, ranching, and managing land that regenerates degraded soils. This…

  • Who Regulates Carbon Farming Markets

    Who Regulates Carbon Farming Markets?

    Around the world, organizations and individuals are pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and turning to carbon farming programs…

  • Free Download: 10 Things to Look For in a Carbon Farming Program