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  • regenerative cotton biologicals

    Cotton Farming 2.0: Harnessing New Cotton Biologicals for Higher Yields

    Cotton growers are pressured to produce more while dealing with drought and other challenges. Cotton biologicals help by boosting yields…

  • Global Wheat Supply Challenges

    US Wheat Growers Seize Profit Opportunity Amid Global Supply Challenges

    A big focus of the 2023 Farm Bill is carbon capture and storage. Biologicals can play a major role in…

  • soil sampling carbonnow locus ag

    Soil Sampling: Understanding its Importance & Methods

    To get a complete picture of how an agroecosystem is doing, you have to look at what’s happening in the…

  • [Video Replay] Benefit with Biologicals, with Locus AG and Strip-Till Farmer

    With all the biological products on the market, how can you pick between them? Learn more about selecting a high…

  • Benefits of Biologicals For Strawberries

    Growing Sweet Success: 3 Key Benefits Biologicals Deliver to Strawberry Crops

    The secret to a thriving strawberry harvest might be smaller than you think? Discover the potential of beneficial microbes for…

  • CarbonNOW Grower Spotlight: Season Two Scott Scheimer

    We caught up with farmer Scott Scheimer to hear how his experience with CarbonNOW is going after more than one…

  • Agricultural Biologicals Q&A Image

    What are Agricultural Biologicals and Why Use Them? 

    Biologicals are a promising solution to some of the biggest problems facing the agriculture industry. Learn all about biologicals and…

  • Nature study finds microbes are vital to soil carbon capture

    Nature Study Indicates Agricultural Biologicals are Vital to Soil Carbon Capture and Storage

    Microbes are the MVP in global efforts to capture and store soil carbon efficiently and effectively, according to a new…

  • biologicals wheat stand locus ag

    “Stand By Your Wheat” – Create the Best Wheat Stand With Soil Biologicals

    With wheat prices on the rise, this presents an opportunity for US wheat farmers. Find out how to make the…

  • [Video Replay] Get Confident in Carbon Webinar with No-Till Farmer

    Sharing details on how carbon farming, through the use of Locus AG biologicals, can benefit your low- or no-till operation…