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Locus Agriculture Enhances CarbonNOW® Program for Improved Farmer Profitability and Efficiency in Carbon Credit Market

Locus Agriculture Enhances CarbonNOW® Program for Improved Farmer Profitability and Efficiency in Carbon Credit Market
January 18, 2024 Michella Dilworth
Locus AG CarbonNOW Program Enhancements with Anew and Green Star

Locus Agriculture Enhances CarbonNOW® Program for Improved Farmer Profitability and Efficiency in Carbon Credit Market

SOLON, Ohio (January 18, 2024)In a move set to revolutionize carbon farming, Locus Agriculture (Locus AG) announced enhancements to its flagship CarbonNOW® program set to take effect immediately. The carbon farming program, renowned for its use of carbon-accelerating biologicals, now has a refined operating structure and farmer revenue sharing that maximize benefits.   

CarbonNOW’s strategic realignment was done in partnership with Green Star Royalties Ltd. (Green Star) and Anew Carbon Farming, LLC (Anew). Key advancements include:  

  • Appointing Locus AG as the principal project operator 
  • A direct partnership between Locus AG and Green Star 
  • An enticing revenue-sharing structure for farmers 

“The new operating structure of CarbonNOW is a culmination of listening to our farmers and  adapting with our partners for mutual growth,” says Vic Peroni, chief commercial officer at Locus AG. “It ensures that each acre enrolled not only contributes to the global carbon reduction effort, but also reinforces the financial stability of our farming partners.” 

“These carbon farming program updates are a strategic decision that supports the growth of our biological offerings and strengthens our alignment with farmers’ needs,” said Kade Haas, senior vice president of Locus AG.  

Improved CarbonNOW Program Operational Efficiency 

This evolution of the CarbonNOW program represents a significant development in the carbon farming industry. By enhancing the operating structure, Locus AG is addressing execution and risk management challenges that have been barriers to farmer participation in carbon programs and markets. The restructure not only simplifies the enrollment and data handling processes, but is also designed to significantly increase the potential revenue for farmers.  

“The revised CarbonNOW structure creates an improved and strategic alignment with Locus AG aimed to drive superior workflow to maximize farmer enrollment and soil carbon sequestration, while Anew continues to provide key support services,” said Alex Pernin, chief executive officer of Star Royalties.  

The streamlined process creates a more cohesive approach, enabling all parties to concentrate on their strengths. It also provides a robust platform for farmers to leverage their conservation efforts into a profitable revenue stream. Farmers can now effortlessly integrate into the carbon market landscape while contributing to a sustainable agriculture future. 

Increased Carbon Earnings for Farmers 

Farmers already in the CarbonNOW program have seen tangible financial benefits, with over US$4 million distributed to date. This figure illustrates the carbon program’s rapid growth and capacity to deliver substantial monetary incentives to farmers. Through the new program structure, farmers will receive a revenue share of up to 20% from the sale of carbon credits, in addition to guaranteed annual payments.   

The revised performance bonus is a direct reflection of Locus AG’s confidence in the CarbonNOW program and the effectiveness of its biologicals in carbon sequestration efforts. By incorporating Locus AG’s novel biologicals with regenerative practices, carbon experts anticipate farmers can generate up to 3x more carbon credits—greatly impacting the revenue share.  

“CarbonNOW incentivizes adoption of an innovative and additional solution to achieve land-based carbon removals,” said Angela Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer of Anew Climate, LLC. “We are confident that the voluntary carbon market will continue to demand and pay a premium for these types of projects due to their enormous contribution to climate action, biodiversity, and natural capital.”  

The Future of the CarbonNOW Program

Looking forward, Locus AG’s CarbonNOW is set to become a cornerstone for farmers aiming to transition to regenerative agriculture practices. While 2024 enrollment is in final stages, farmers interested in joining during the 2025 season are encouraged to start discussions now. For more information on program specifics, enrollment deadlines and eligibility, visit or contact the company’s customer support directly.


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