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Rhizolizer Named Top Biological Tool for Carbon Removal and Agricultural Productivity

Rhizolizer Named Top Biological Tool for Carbon Removal and Agricultural Productivity
November 14, 2019

Based on Ability to Sequester Carbon, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Boost Yields, Locus AG’s soil “Probiotic” Line Wins Best New Biological Product of the Year

Rhizolizer Named Top Biological Tool for Carbon Removal and Agricultural Productivity in Global Crop Science Awards

SOLON, Ohio (November 14, 2019) Locus Agricultural Solutions®(Locus AG), a U.S.-based agtech start-up, today announced that Rhizolizer® won Best New Biological Product of 2019 in the Crop Science Awards’ biostimulant category due to its ability to remove record amounts of atmospheric carbon while sustainably growing more food.

John Rea accepting the award on Locus AG's behalf

John Rea accepting the award on Locus AG’s behalf

With about 15% of all surface land being used to produce crops, the ability to sequester carbon in soil in a way that benefits growers financially makes Rhizolizer a practical and potentially disruptive tool in the fight against climate change.

“The easiest and fastest way to keep global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius is by accelerating crop soils’ ability to sequester and store atmospheric carbon,” said Dr. Paul Zorner, Locus AG’s acting CEO and chief agronomist. “These natural, microbial-based soil amendment treatments speed the transformation of crop lands from a carbon source to a beneficial carbon sink. This award recognizes a breakthrough technology that does this and creates a win for farmers, the environment and society.”

Third-party verified data confirms Rhizolizer increases crop yields up to 34% and soils’ ability to sequester by up to 8.6 additional metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents per acre annually. Locus AG’s line of soil treatments can be tailored for use in various crop types and managed turf to deliver environmental and economic benefits.

The “probiotics” technology was developed from the ground up to be a scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-use carbon removal tool that increases soil health and enables farmers to boost yields and profits.

Rhizolizer was commercialized in 2018 and won the award over more established products with global reach. For more information and to see ongoing results, visit


About Locus Agricultural Solutions

Locus Agricultural Solutions (Locus AG) is a agtech start-up that uses unique, microbrewery-type production technology to develop non-GMO, organic soil “probiotics” that sustainably feed the world, improve plant vitality and minimize environmental impact—starting from the ground up. The treatments are customized to local conditions, soil types and plant types, and are delivered refrigerated for maximum freshness. Ongoing treatments result in improved plant resilience and vigor, higher productivity, more soil carbon deposition and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The cost-effective solutions are easily applied without changing standard practices and specifically address top challenges, including soil health, plant productivity and climate change—while improving user profits. Locus AG leverages its core scientific capabilities from its parent organization, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an Ohio-based green technology company. For more information, visit