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11 Crop-Specific Agricultural Biologicals Launched to Boost Yields and Grow Farmers’ Bottom Lines

11 Crop-Specific Agricultural Biologicals Launched to Boost Yields and Grow Farmers’ Bottom Lines
September 21, 2022

11 Crop-Specific Agricultural Biologicals Launched to Boost Yields and Grow Farmers’ Bottom Lines

  • Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG) has launched 11 new crop-specific biological products under the Rhizolizer® and Pantego® soil microbial lines
  • Product expansions feature novel microbes chosen for each crop to optimize performance, and are available for box application to enable easy integration
  • Additional biologicals enable broader crop categories to qualify for Locus AG’s CarbonNOW® carbon farming program

locus-agricultural-biologicals-2SOLON, Ohio (September 20, 2022) Row and cereal crop farmers across the U.S. now have new soil solutions tailored to overcome nutrient challenges and maximize profitability. Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG) is expanding its line of flagship Rhizolizer® and Pantego® biologicals–launching 11 new crop-specific formulations that feature novel microbial strains. The box-applied products are designed to ensure the right modes of action for specific crop needs, expand crop eligibility for Locus AG’s CarbonNOW carbon farming program and streamline ease of application.

With fertilizer prices reaching record highs this year, fueled in part by a global supply shortage, farmers need to get the most out of their inputs and protect their bottom lines. Locus AG’s agricultural biologicals have shown proven yield increases in a variety of cereal and row crops, along with enhanced nutrient uptake and utilization.

“By pairing the correct microbial strains with the correct plant species, we can maximize growers’ inputs and outputs, resulting in more dollars in their pockets,” said Scott Weber, Locus AG’s vice president of production. “We have successfully developed easy-to-use, cost-effective biologicals that meet each crop’s specific agronomic needs; so farmers can be confident they’re getting the maximum performance and financial benefits.”

New Crop-Specific Biologicals Drive Field Performance and Ease of Application

Locus AG updated and expanded its existing Rhizolizer and Pantego biological lines from 11 to 15 formulations–with new sub-families created for specific crop needs. The additional biologicals feature a varying mix of novel microbes–including bacteria, yeast and fungi. The microbial soil amendments are available in easy-to-use dry formulations for box application.

locus agriculture rhizolizerRhizolizer Biological Line Expansions: The Rhizolizer line features a naturally occurring bacteria that promotes early root development and enhances nutrient uptake. The new crop-specific formulations include:

  • Rhizolizer Duo BA: Box-applied biologicals featuring a novel dual combination of endophytic fungus and bacteria. The microbes work together to promote plant vigor and enhance carbon sequestration. The new crop-specific products are now available for:
    • Cotton
    • Rice
    • Soybeans (now without an inoculant)
    • Corn (updated)
  • Rhizolizer Prime BA: New legume-specific biologicals featuring Locus AG’s endophytic fungus and bacteria, plus nitrogen-fixing inoculants that are crucial to form root nodules. The new legume family includes products for:
    • Alfalfa & Clover
    • Cover Crops
    • Dry Beans
    • Peanuts
    • Peas, Lentils & Chickpeas
    • Soybeans (updated)
  • Rhizolizer Organic BA: The Rhizolizer line expansion also includes certified organic options for two crop categories:
    • Corn
    • Wheat & Cereals

Pantego Biological Line Expansions: Pantego features a specialized phosphate-solubilizing yeast that enhances early root development. The line was both enhanced and expanded to include:

  • Pantego Duo BA: Combines Locus AG’s novel soil-dwelling yeast with a plant-dwelling fungus that work together to solubilize phosphate for enhanced plant vigor and carbon sequestration in:
    • Wheat & Cereals
  • Pantego Thrive: A blend of two active microbial strains optimized and labeled specifically for:
    • Corn (updated)
  • Pantego BA: Features Locus AG’s novel phosphate-solubilizing yeast for:
    • Wheat & Cereals (updated)

“These new agricultural biologicals are proving to be game-changers for soil and for farmers,” said Dave Dyson, Locus AG’s lead agronomist. “The unique combinations of novel soil microbes we’ve uncovered outperform in expanding the root system, growing up into the plant and providing an easier pathway for nutrient absorption. The result is unmatched performance and profitability.”

Biological Launch Expands Eligibility for CarbonNOW Carbon Farming Program

Locus AG’s new agricultural biologicals will allow more cereal and row crop farmers to qualify for the CarbonNOW carbon farming program. Farmers enrolled receive upfront payments of a minimum of $12 per acre for guaranteed additional revenue. CarbonNOW recently announced more than $1.2 million in carbon payments to U.S. farmers. Locus AG biologicals that qualify for the program include Rhizolizer Duo, Prime, or Organic, and Pantego Duo BA.

The new agricultural biologicals are available for purchase immediately across the U.S. Farmers can learn more about the novel soil microbes at


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