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Join CarbonNOW, A Globally Recognized Carbon Farming Program

Join CarbonNOW, A Globally Recognized Carbon Farming Program

Carbon is the currency of climate change. That’s why carbon sequestering practices are being increasingly incentivized in agriculture.

At Locus AG, we help U.S. farmers monetize regenerative agriculture practices that sequester carbon and provide benefits for people and planet. And we do it differently than any of the other programs out there.

Through our partnership with Anew, CarbonNOW farmers generate premium carbon credits, get access to a network of global carbon credit buyers, and GET GUARANTEED PAYMENT for the duration of their time in our program.

CarbonNOW has changed the carbon farming market with industry-leading benefits:

  • Upfront payments
  • Two annual disbursements
  • Guaranteed minimum of $12/acre
  • Performance bonuses that accrue over time for larger payouts
  • No program fees
  • Third-party verification
  • Broad eligibility

Every Dollar Counts for Farmers

Focusing on soil carbon will help get the most out of the dollars that are put into the soil, and add additional dollars with a guaranteed ongoing revenue stream.

Want to know more? Let’s talk! Just fill out the form.

Who Qualifies?

92% of interested growers who have applied were eligible to join CarbonNOW in Spring 2022.

CarbonNOW offers broader eligibility for farmers—even those that have already been utilizing regenerative practices for years. That’s because Locus AG’s award-winning soil probiotics qualify as a practice change needed to enter the carbon farming market.

With proprietary microbiology, these novel strains are specifically tailored to:

Enhance nutrient uptake

Promote root development

Boost productivity

Increase soil carbon sequestration

Help plants cope with drought

CarbonNOW paid out $1.2 Million to our first class of carbon farmers! Those farmers got their payment within 6-7 months of starting the program. No other carbon farming program in the market has done this.