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Superior Strains Lead to Superior Results

Locus AG leads farmers to greater ROI through vital, beneficial biologicals that are proven by third-party trials to increase yields.

Our specially formulated biologicals aren’t just nice additions to a crop management plan. They’re Simply Vital to helping farmers grow more productive, sustainable crops. In addition to boosted yields & ROI, Locus AG biologicals help farmers get more out of their fertilizer, improve soil quality, enhance nutrient uptake and increase plant vigor.

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“I started applying Terradigm to my greens in July of 2021. The first thing I noticed this spring was how quickly they greened up and how deep my roots were. It’s the beginning of August and I regularly find roots beyond my cup cutter. My Terradigm application is as important as any input I make.”

Golf Course Superintendent
Melody Hill Country Club

Finally, confidence in carbon!

There’s a lot of skepticism and frustration around carbon farming. And for good reason. Many programs require costly practice changes, don’t allow legacy cover croppers or no-tillers, and have lengthy wait times for farmers to get paid. CarbonNOW is different.


Todd Olander

Data Matters