Pantego microbial soil amendment probiotic
Pantego microbial soil amendment probiotic

Pantego® is a line of naturally occurring microbial soil amendments, or soil probiotic technologies, comprised of free-living strains for expanded application flexibility. The novel microorganisms have a high CFU count, high microbial activity in the soil and produce biosurfactants and other metabolites to optimize performance. Pantego is available as an easy-to-apply liquid or hopper box applied dry product.

Superior Agronomic, Economic and Environmental Advantages


More bushels per acre and more revenue generated


Improves plant-available phosphorus which increases nutrient use efficiency

Active in Cool Soils

Can be applied before or at plant to enhance early season root development

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Pantego products are often used in an integrated program with Rhizolizer products. Locus AG sales reps can recommend a program tailored to your crops and growing region.

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