Get started with a fresh “probiotic” soil amendment: Rhizolizer®

A blend of soil-specific, high-density fungal and bacterial microbes that enhance soil and root vigor, increase nutrient uptake, optimize crop yields and reduce carbon footprint.

Proven Results.

Rhizolizer has shown exceptional increases in vitality, productivity and sustainability. Impressive results have led to rapid grower adoption nationwide, with demand continuing to rise.

Tailored To You.

Rhizolizer treatments are optimized for local conditions and specific crops, with a focus on improving the microbial health of soil to increase overall crop vitality.

Created with Purpose.

Rhizolizer was developed as a tool to support crop vitality and resilience, particularly in trees affected by Citrus Greening Disease. Extensive field trials confirm positive impacts on productivity, which immediately led to treatments with some of the largest Citrus growers.

Easy to Use.

Rhizolizer is mixed with Rhizolizer Starter, a proprietary blend of micronutrients, and then easily applied through irrigation systems. It is fertilizer and spray compatible, and can easily be incorporated into treatment schedules.

Reap The Benefits.

Have confidence in your treatments.

Rhizolizer results speak for themselves.


Increases in Root Mass

8.6 Tons

Additional CO2 Sequestered


Increases in Productivity

Crop Advantages

Up to:

+153% increases in root mass

33% increases in canopy density in young and 19% in mature trees

8% increases in °Brix

2% larger fruit diameters

73% increase in new shoot growth in young trees

34% increases in pounds solids

Up to:

11% increases in °Brix

8.5% larger fruit diameters

17% increases in fruit weight

89% increases in foliage mass

20% increases in root mass

22% increases in yields

Up to:

40% increases in yields

26% increases in °Brix

50% increases in root mass

Up to:

31% increases in U.S. No. 1 potato yields

56%-246% increases in emergence

Up to:

14% increases in cotton pounds per acre

5% improvements in lint yields

Up to:

30% increases in trunk diameter

21% increases in initial blooms and nut sets

Up to:

106% increases in flower count 

33% increases in fruit count

28% increases in average root mass

       3% increases in melon weight

       43% increases in harvestable yields

Up to:

24% increases in root weight

11 more bushels per acre 

Higher vigor ratings

Additional trials are being conducted in more than two dozen crops nationwide.

All comparisons against grower standard practice

Maximize Your Sustainability

Rhizolizer substantially reduces GHG emissions and maximizes soil carbon sequestration

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See For Yourself.

Growers can visually see the results first-hand when walking their fields.