Organic Certification of “Probiotics” for Agriculture Use Approved

OMRI Approves Organic Formulation of Customized Rhizolizer™ Treatments from Locus Agricultural Solutions™

SOLON, Ohio (November 15, 2018) Using fresh, customizable “probiotic” treatments to increase crop productivity from the ground up has quickly become a primary strategy for growers across the country—and the trend is now expanding into organic agriculture. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) recently approved an organic formulation of Rhizolizer®, a line of non-GMO microbial soil amendments that has proven to be highly successful in increasing yields and reducing time to harvest. The unique treatments, which were developed by Locus Agricultural Solutions™, LLC (Locus AG), have drastically improved the vitality of more than 40,000 acres of crops, leading to demand for organic offerings.

A 2016 USDA survey reported that there are more than 14,100 organic farms in the U.S., which sold upwards of $7.6 billion in certified organic commodities. Market Watch anticipates the organic food & beverage market to continue growing at a 14.8% CAGR through 2022, creating a need for solutions that improve crop productivity to meet market demand. Rhizolizer’s unique production and delivery methods, coupled with rapid success in conventional agriculture, have made the product line a top choice for organic adoption.

Rhizolizer’s high-density, low-use-rate formulations can be customized to address regional and crop-specific challenges. The treatments, which are up to 1000x the density of other offerings, are sent directly to growers via unique, refrigerated delivery for ultimate freshness. These advantages are driving exceptional improvements in crop productivity and profits for growers.

“’Probiotic’-based agriculture products have proven to be extremely powerful tools for addressing soil health and crop vitality challenges—especially when delivered through our unique cold chain as high-potency, fresh products—and we believe that every grower should have access to their benefits,” said Dr. Paul Zorner, CEO of Locus AG. “OMRI’s certification of Rhizolizer will allow us to move forward in making sure organic farms nation-wide can benefit from the use of highly-effective, customized treatments—and partake in a trend that’s caught the attention of several sectors of the industry.”

Growers using the tailored “probiotic” treatment program are seeing double digit yield increases along with significant improvements in fibrous root mass (up to 82%), reductions in time to harvest and overall enhanced crop vitality. The productivity benefits have caused rapid expansion in Rhizolizer adoption. Current trials, along with OMRI certification, provide the foundation for expanding these benefits to organic agriculture.

Commercialization of the new Rhizolizer formulations, which OMRI has approved to be used in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program, is currently underway. Additional organic certifications specific to California are also in progress. For more information on Locus AG’s unique fermentation technology and cold-chain delivery, or for results and availability of the Rhizolizer soil amendments, visit


About Locus Agricultural Solutions™

Locus Agricultural Solutions™ (Locus AG) was launched with the strategic aim of providing growers with science-¬based solutions to address challenges to agricultural productivity: crop vitality and nutrition, soil microbial health, insect pest management and plant disease management. These solutions include new tools for integrated management practices to better manage pest resistance in lieu of traditional chemical options, and to improve soil health and nutrient availability. The company utilizes a ground breaking, proprietary fermentation technology to produce fresh, dense batches of agricultural microbes that are delivered rapidly via a unique cold-chain process by established local distributors directly to growers for application. Locus AG is leveraging its core scientific capabilities from its parent organization, Locus Fermentation Solutions, an Ohio-based industrial bioscience company. For more information, visit