How We Make Every Day Earth Day  

A look inside the efforts of Locus AG’s employees, customers and partners

At Locus AG, we’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of our employees, in the livelihoods of the farmers we provide products to, in the communities we do business in, and of course, in the environmental efforts to make our planet healthier and cleaner. As one of the first ag input suppliers globally to receive B Corp™ certification, we use business as a force for good. You may be familiar with our soil probiotic technologies that supercharge carbon sequestration and boost crop productivity, or our CarbonNOW™ program which leads farmers through the process of monetizing carbon farming and accelerates their profitability. But it doesn’t stop there…

We pride ourselves in hiring and working with talented people who share our passion for making the world a better place. Our employees, our customers and our partners are all dedicated to doing their part to make an impact. That’s why this Earth Day we want to highlight them.

Take a look at a sampling of some of the amazing things they’re doing daily:

See how we make every day Earth day.