Locus AG’s Role Helping to Reverse Climate Change

To our LocusAG Supporters,

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and now is the defining moment to do something about it. There is still time to tackle climate change, but it will require an unprecedented effort from all sectors of society. 

That was the introductory sentence for the United Nations Climate Action Summit that took place on Monday in New York City 

If you are reading this, you may already know that agriculture, forestry and other types of land are the second largest source of human greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 23% percent. Natural lands also absorb carbon dioxide in amounts equivalent to almost a third of emissions from the energy sector, which is the leading source.  

According to a recent IPCC report on climate and landglobal cropland soils have lost 20 to 60 percent of their original organic carbon contentNorth American farmland has lost about half. Land management choices also affect the amount of carbon stored in plants and soil. The report opines that serious changes in forestry and agriculture to curtail deforestation and improve soil health could reduce global emissions by 5 to 20 percent. 

The Holy Grail 

Carbon farming is the holy grail of the climate fight and one of the most promising carbon dioxide removal (CDR) measures. Until recently, there has not been a proven, cost-effective, scalable, no-risk CDR solutionThis is where Locus AG comes in.  

As a science-based ag tech company, we are the leading provider of organically certified soil “probiotics” that farmers can use to supercharge their crops’ natural ability to improve productivity and sequester carbon through dramatically improved soil health. Our easy-to-use soil amendmentRhizolizer®can help revitalize rural communities and improve growers’ livelihood.  

 Educating the Industry to Drive Adoption 

We are doing a number of things to accelerate an already rapid adoption of our soil amendment. Our CEO Paul Zorner has been working closely with the industry and farmers across the country who are using our “probiotics” to achieve unprecedented results. Paul is also sharing insights at conferences such as the International Citrus and Beverage Conference, Ag Innovation Showcaseand Forbes Ag Tech Summit.  

We have also recently announced that Locus AG is now a Certified B Corporation® (B Corp). We are one of the first ag input companies in the world to have this certification, which opens up new partnership and impact investing opportunities.  

Administered by the non-profit B Lab, this certification means that our business meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. It is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.  

 The Winning Formula  

Our approach is grounded in science and offers immediate impacts. In fact, we are the first company to offer a technology that can be immediately scaled virtually anywhere in the world to reduce greenhouse gases, in unprecedented amounts.   

In the coming days and weeks, we will be making new strategic announcements. Locus AG is committed to doing its part to help reverse global warming and revitalize farming communities.  


Andy Lefkowitz